Chapter 16

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[A/N: I didn't expect so many of you guys to react to the Conner and Hank reference lol. Btw hope you also noticed Markus and Kara in the earlier chapters.

To those of you who have no idea who they are, they're characters from a video game called Detroit: Become Human. You don't need to know what that is to continue the story, it's just a friendly nod to the awesome game.]

A week has passed since Stark last heard from Peter, and it was a busy week at that. The tower was completely vacated and the plane that was supposed to take everything upstate was just a fucking drone when it arrived. That was a complete disaster, but luckily he's a paranoid man and had multiple tracking devices on that plane.

They found it at an abandoned airport in Vermont, unfortunately the ones who stole it left before he got there and when inventory was taken they managed to take two crates of fully functional alien weapons.

Stark had them triple check the count of ark reactors and Iron Man suit parts to make sure they didn't get any of those.

To his relief they didn't seem to have enough time to grab them.

During that disaster Stark didn't even notice the lack of Spider-Man swinging around the city till the major fallout of the heist blew over, but by then another week had already passed.

A new worry started to build up in Stark. Surely his meddling wouldn't cause Peter to run from hero work, he was way to passionate about it to let the lack of suit stop him. He did have the homemade suit after all.

What reason would he have to lay low?

Stark couldn't take not knowing anymore.

He had FRIDAY locate the GPS in Peter's phone, but was puzzled to find that it hadn't moved from Peter's apartment for nearly two weeks. A quick hack into the school system told him that he was signed out of school for those weeks and was due to return that Monday.

The only signs of Peter were the daily work he was sending in online.

Tony didn't like the looks of this, it gave him a bad feeling. He decided not to act on the urge to dawn the Iron Man armor until after Peter was supposed to return to school.

But as he slowly started to figure out May it was easy to realize that she did everything on purpose. She was the one to say Peter was returning, so more likely than not he would, that still didn't change the fact that he didn't know what happened within the two weeks. He just hoped Peter didn't suffer because of him.


Peter was glad to be back at school, but at the same time he wished he were somewhere else. After weeks of working on the wrong side of the law he felt... dirty.

What if they find out who he was at the Brooklyn precinct? He was horrified to find a cut on his arm from smashing through the glass, it was just a scrape but that was nearly a day after the incident. His skin already started healing so there was no telling how deep it actually was, he should have kept his hoodie on to prevent that.

'Next time I'll wear long sleeves.'


There wasn't going to be a next time, Peter was done. He was back at school with his friends, and he didn't have to be worried about breaking the law.

Why would cops from Brooklyn even be looking at a prep school in Queens.

He shook the worry out of his head.

Besides, he's never had his DNA in the system before, even then it would have been before the spider bite and he's pretty sure that his genetics have changed since.

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