Chapter 13

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[A/N: Ready for the chapter you've all been dreading!]

When Stark received radiation reading indicating an alien bomb went off, he feared for the worsted. As he approached the smoking ferry he was relieved to see it mostly intact with a cut clean down the middle, but his worries still remained as FRIDAY told him she couldn't locate Peter's tracker.

Either he was dead, or the kid hacked his suit.

He had never been so happy to find out someone hacked his tech.

Unfortunately, he couldn't feel the relief or anger of seeing Peter alive but finding out he did something he was specifically told not to. He had to save the boat of people that Peter unintentionally put in danger.

It wasn't till two hours of dealing with the mess that he was able to talk with Peter. Finding him on a roof just a few blocks away was easy this time since Peter turned the tracker back on.

"Previously on Peter screws the pooch, I told you to stay away from this, but instead you hacked a multimillion-dollar suit so you could sneak around behind my back doing the one thing I told you not to do!" Despite his better judgment, his anger was his current driving emotion, but only because he didn't want to admit the fear of what almost losing Peter felt like.

"Is everyone alright?" Peter signed, his voice transmitter was emotionless since he'd taken his mask off.

"No thanks to you," Tony snapped back. Of course Peter's first concern was the others on the boat, Tony was hating his unfiltered thoughts. He was well aware that was not what Peter needed to hear right now.

"No thanks to me?" Peter slid off the ledge he was sitting on as he walked over to where Stark hovered just feet above the catwalk. "Those weapons were out there and I tried to tell you about it but you didn't listen. No ever one listens to me. None of this would've happened if you had just listened to me," Stark didn't need the voice transmitters simulated emotions to see the anger and frustration on Peter was feeling.

Peter let out a frustrated huff of air, "If you even cared you'd actually be here."

Of course Stark cared, and that was one of Stark's problems, he probably cared too much sometimes but not now, not when it concerned Peter. He could never care to much.

The Iron Man suit opened immediately and Stark stepped out.

Peter looked shocked and confused with a slight hint of disbelief, but he quickly recomposed himself with a lesser version of his usual poker face.

"I do care, Peter. Who do you think called the FBI? Huh? And I did listen to you! I heard you speak, Peter! What do you know, huh? What did May do to you to make you hold this vow of silence!" Stark only realized what he said when the words left his mouth, this was not how he wanted to approach Peter about this. He immediately regretted it when he watched Peter completely tense up and go wide eyed.

He looked like a tortured animal backed up into a corner, Stark cured at himself to making Peter react like that.

Peter's entire body was tense and he looked like he would bolt any second.

"Peter..." Stark said in a calmer voice, he needed to recover this situation, but the odds weren't looking to good, especially when Peter flinched at his name.

"That is none of your business," he signed. His breathing quickened and Stark watched as his body twitched in preparation to run.

"Peter wait!- Shit," Peter had shot webbing towards Stark pinning his hand to the nearby wall.

It took him only a minute to get out of it with his suit's equipment but even that was to long.

Jumping back into his suit he tried to follow Peter, but finding the suit's tracker ripped from the reinforced fabric of the suit laying on a nearby roof, was a clear enough message that Peter didn't want to be followed.

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