Chapter 2

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The severity of his spidey sense was almost painful as it ran down his spine.

Peter quickly turned scanning the room, his first thought being that someone might have found out his secret identity and was now targeting him. But no one new entered the room.

Close proximity

He went over the warning again, whatever it was had to be in this room meaning if someone was attacking then it would have been blatantly obvious by now.

Something suddenly changed in his spidey sense. It was a warning he'd never felt before it was like his senses were panicking but there was something else.

Shit, now wasn't the time to decipher a new code sent by his spidey sense.

He caught sight of Ned as he got up and trailed across the room. Everything felt like it was in slow motion, but that was no excuse to be wasting time.

Ned passed behind a set of students but that immediately drew his attention to what the students were doing.

Everything made sense now.

Without even thinking Peter's body lurched into action. His speed was almost superhuman but he couldn't afford to hold back, luckily the rest of the class was distracted by their work to notice.

He was there in seconds but the only thing he could do was grab the beaker that the students were were just about to pour the acid into.

As if someone hit a button time was flowing like normal again.

Pain shot through Peter's arm as the powdered acid was poured onto his arm, but it was better that then into the beaker.

"Peter!" Ned shouted from behind the students as Peter gasped and tried to hold back whimpers of pain.

The two students looked up in shock but quickly stopped pouring the acid but their slow reaction wasn't enough to keep most of the chemical off Peter's arm.

Mr. Cobbwell was already rushing over "Peter what were you thinking!" He said more worried then angry. The teacher lead Peter over to one of the large sinks at the edge of the classroom. Peter's injured arm shook with pain and he couldn't make himself let go of the beaker.

Mr. Cobbwell gently took the beaker from Peter's hand to set it aside but looked at it in shock when he noticed what the substance was. He set it aside and helped Peter get his glove off and lab coat. They rinsed his arm under cold water, the angry red burns from the acid was already noticeable.

"Hydrogen Peroxide, how did they even get that," the teacher mumbled. He said something else and his tone was of disbelief but Peter was a little to preoccupied by the pain to recognize what he said. Mr. Cobbwell then turned to look at the rest of the class scanning the room. "Flash!" He called out.

Flash was watching the commotion with wide eyes like the rest of the student's but he straightened when his name was called. "Sir?"

"Run to down to the nurse, tell her we have second degree chemical burns." He ordered

"Yes, sir." Flash rushed out of the classroom after taking his safety gear off.

Looking back at Peter, Mr. Cobbwell examined the burn. "Keep that under the water, we need to dilute the acid as much as possible." He then turned back to the class.

"Everyone stop and step away from the tables." He said quickly, everyone complied immediately. Ned took the opportunity to rush to Peter's side. "Carl, Magi," He said pointing at the two students who were the ones to trigger Peter's spider sense. The teacher reached back and grabbed the beaker of hydrogen peroxide. "Where did you get the contents of this beaker?" His tone meant business and the room was dead silent in awaiting an answers.

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