Chapter 10

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Peter returned to the party with a dampened attitude. He hadn't expected Mr. Stark to be so upset with him he was only doing what he thought was right, he didn't see anyone else trying to go after the weapons dealers, though, that might have been because he never told Happy about it.

He stood on the roof of Liz's neighboring house crouched in his usual perched position as he looked at the party from the outside. The muffled base from the music inside along with the ambient noise from the partying teens would have been an oddly relaxing noise as Peter recovered from the adrenaline high gained from the earlier encounter.

At least it would have, if it weren't for the audible chanting Flash had started using the same crude name he'd called Peter at the start of the party.

Peter looked down at his phone and started to text Ned back, but just before he pressed send Ned sent another burst of texts.


You probably shouldn't come back

Flash got everyone to chant Penis Parker

Guess we'll always be losers

I'm sorry dude

But a thing involving the internship happened

I'll tell you about it tomorrow

No way really????

That's so epic!!

Peter couldn't help but smile at his friend's sudden shift in attitude. The party might have been ruined for them, but Ned was always able to find the bright side of things.


The weekend flew by with patrols and his time spend with Ned. He managed to finish building the Lego Deathstar with him as he told his friend about the encounter with the weapon dealers. Ned seemed to think that was way cooler than Spider-Man showing up at Liz's party, Peter was just glad his friend wasn't mad at him for the missed social climb. Though it seemed to earn him extra harassing from Flash online and at school that Monday but Peter didn't care to much about the bully. As long as he wasn't doing the same to his friends, the bullying was tolerable.

It wasn't till Ned and Peter were walking through the halls that he noticed two guys from the weapons deal wandering the hallways with a strange device. He pushed Ned to hide before he investigated what they were doing.

He quietly cursed to himself when he discovered they were tracking the energy source from the glowy thing Peter found on the first encounter, they must have just now noticed it was gone. Peter took the opportunity to plant a tracker on one of the men as they left.

If he knew they could track it he wouldn't have brought the thing to school.

Ned and Peter secretly kept an eye on it for the rest of the day and Peter promised to visit Ned's house after the internship so they could watch the progress of the tracker together.

After arriving at Avengers' tower everything was normal, well, as normal as it could be when getting instructions from a surprised desk clerk to take Tony Stark's private elevator that was monitored by an advanced AI. Just the day in the life of Peter Parker.

Though, it was strange to see a somewhat large pile of computer parts and scraps scattered about the lab near his work space.

Mr. Stark's music was playing quietly compared to the last time Peter walked in with the music blasting. He almost doubted Mr. Stark was there. He knocked on the frame of the glass wall that stood between the elevators and the rest of the shop.

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