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The end of summer approached and Peter would finally be going back to Midtown High school to start his junior year.

The month that followed May's death was stagnant compared to everything that had happened.

But Peter was perfectly fine with that.

After moving into the newly renovated penthouse Tony and Pepper had in Queens, Peter settled in by collecting all the stuff he ever gave to MJ and Ned for safe keeping. It was more than he expected but still wasn't much to fill the large room he was given. A few housewarming gifts were included from both of them and he was grateful to have a place he could put them without the worry of them being taken or destroyed.

He didn't go out as Spider-Man till the week before school started. He helped Tony in designing a new suit. The old one didn't feel quite right anymore and it wasn't the same wearing it like it once was.

He kept the basic colors of red and blue but brought them down a few shade, the emblem on the chest was made a little bigger, droney still sat hidden in it and his size didn't change, but the biggest change was the addition of a hood.

It was purely cosmetic, literally had no use, in fact it slightly hindered his peripheral vision but his spidey sense was strong enough to compensate for it.

Tony said he liked the new design, he used some limited nanoparticles in the suit to give it more shape so didn't look like some ordinary hoodie thrown over a spider suit.

The first time taking the suit out for a swing was exhilarating. He never felt happier falling through the air before stretching a hand out to cast another strand of webbing onto the next building.

He spent the entire day in the streets as he familiarized himself with his beloved city. It didn't take long to get used to his old patrol routes, it was honestly like riding a bike.

Unfortunately not everything was as perfect as swinging through the city.

Some nights he couldn't sleep, he was plagued with dreams of May returning or the little girl's dead eyes. Originally he wasn't going to say anything about it, and it was never mentioned, but after one particularly horrid night that ended with Tony having to coax Peter down from the ceiling, and the fact that he constantly flinched with Pepper tried to make any kind of contact with him, caused them to suggest a therapist.

It was surprisingly Tony's idea, Pepper muttered something about being a hypocrite, but after a few days to consider Peter decided it was probably best.

Keeping secrets and not talking was what led him through his life before, he was determined to make things different now. He still had some doubts and wondered how effective a therapist would actually be if he couldn't tell them about being spider-man. That was practically half of his life left out.

Mr. Stark also seemed to have the same idea, so he made an AI for that.

His name was Dr. HAL.

When Peter asked what it stood for Tony made up some acronym on the spot. Doctor 'Helps A Little' became his official title.

They just called him HAL for short.

He was made to be more lifelike than any of the other AIs tony created (But not too life like since they didn't need another Ultron).

Tony assured Peter that there was a doctor/patient confidentiality protocol.

Peter was kind of relieved at that, not that he didn't mind Tony knowing what he said to Hal, the idea of having the privacy given to him was just one of the many small ways Tony showed he cared for Peter.

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