Chapter 20

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[A/N: Ah crap I missed the deadline, I was hoping to post if before midnight but a little bit after isn't too bad I guess. Was having trouble with formatting... hope it turned out well.

Also Warning! Things are about to get super rough with Peter, but I promise you he'll get a happy ending, Peter deserves it.]

His spidey sense was screaming at him as he sat in the back of aunt May's car. It wasn't to fight, or dodge, it was only telling him to leave, run, get out while you can. But Peter did his best to ignore it.

He couldn't risk disobeying, the threat towards his friends was one that constantly hung behind her commands.

She parked her car in the parking lot of a closed convenience store, they didn't leave the apartment till nightfall so it only made sense that most things were closed at this time. With the lights off, the inside of the place looked run down, it probably wasn't the most secure convenience store and wondered if she parked here because of the lack of cameras.

May soon got out after ordering him to follow. She took a turn away from the store as she lead him down a narrow sidewalk into the dark, there were very few street lamps lining the area and the few that existed had burnt out bulbs or flickering lights.

He trailed behind her with his head down and his heart pounding, it felt like his ribs might crack with the constriction of panic in his chest. The worst part was he didn't know what she was up to.

The lack of maintenance in the area made it stand out from what the rest of Queens looked liked, not even his patrols as Spider-man took him this far towards the river. His sharp nose easily picked up the smell of salt and fish before the abandoned shipping dock came into view as they turned the corner.

A group of dark buildings sat ominously in the dim moon light.

The sharp shiver of his spidey sense grew to painful proportions as they approached one of the smaller warehouses. On the outside, it looked as abandoned as the rest of the area, but Peter's hearing could pick up excited yelling and cheering from the inside.

May knocked on the door before she tapped her foot impatiently, it took a few moments before someone opened the door slightly. The crowd from inside was louder than Peter initially thought, he suspected there might have been some kind of noise dampeners lining the building's walls.

The man who stood in front of them now was a short with black greased back hair, he smiled up at May with crooked yellowing teeth. His face was round and looked squashed.

"Ah, Ms. Parker," The man greeted, "Didn't expect you this evening, as you can see, we are currently having a show tonight."

"That's fine," She said with a faint smile, "We should take this to your office anyways, wouldn't was this news to get out just yet. I do have something you might be interested in."

The man raised an eyebrow before glancing at Peter, "I'd hate to refuse an offer from you," he looked back towards May before motioning for them to follow.

Peter gulped as May grabbed him by the arm holding him tightly, she forced Peter to walk in front of her as they walked into the crowded building.

Everyone was gathered around a structure in the middle of the warehouse, as they got closer he could see the large caged arena with what looked like dog in the ring, though why they'd need such thick looking bars and a cage that closed over the top for those animals, Peter had a bad feeling he'd probably find out.

They walked up a set of metal stairs, passing a few spectators who used it to get a better view, Peter was able to catch a glimpse of the fight in the ring below. He watched as a large black dog bit into the leg of a brown one of similar size. The snarls and yelps rang in his ears even after the door's of the man's office were closed.

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