Chapter 22

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Tony's hunt in finding Peter was taking longer then he liked.

Between roaming the streets as he partly took up Peter's old patrols and following the few leads he got on Nor, he was barely a few steps ahead from when he first started.

It turned out May was more connected to the underground of New York then he originally thought. From what he was able to gather, she wasn't originally this involved with the mobs. It started when she saved the life of some big time leader while he was in the hospital, it goes to say that when Tony met the guy, he wasn't impressed.

He had no information on Nor, just knew that May had taken him out of the courier business around the same time of the last spider sighting. He gave Tony a few other contacts of May after some... convincing.

He wasn't proud of his actions, but the guys wasn't talking otherwise, and he needed the information. The longer he took finding Peter, the longer the kid spent in whatever hell he was stuck in.

Tony had been going out almost every night in search of more leads or just to keep up the appearance and fear surrounding what the media named 'The Widower.'

His first appearance to the public was CCTV catching him breaking into the evidence lab of the Brooklyn precinct. Despite Lieutenant Anderson's efforts they were going to have to test Peter's blood eventually, and when they did they would immediately think he was a mutant. His public view was already in the balance and the news of that getting out would only complicate things, especially with the concept of mutants being so new.

Out of all the names he could have gained in the suit the Widower wasn't half bad, he personally liked referring to it as Sneaky Jr. since it was a predecessor of the Mark 15 he nicknamed Sneaky, but that wasn't exactly public knowledge so he'd let it slide.

Still, he controlled what the public saw of the Widower easily since every blurry footage or distorted clips cameras got of him were on purpose. Even at the break in he made it look like he was gathering a hit list from the police databases. A few pieces of evidence might have been lost after a night guard accidentally found him snooping, but he made it chaotic enough to make it difficult for even that weirdly efficient and intelligent Detective Octen to deduce.

Seriously, a guy with his mind could have easily earned a doctorate in something by now.

While the media saw him as yet another spider themed vigilante, the crime worlds saw a different side.

And it terrified them.

Tony couldn't help but feel smug about that fact.

Sure every bad guy and street thug were aware of Iron Man and his power but they weren't scared of him, Tony Stark had never been interested in anything less than a global catastrophe in their eyes so the worry of him interrupting their drug deal was nonexistent.

The Widower on the other hand, was obviously very hands on in the New York crime world, not to mention the fact you could never see him coming and by the time you did it was to late.

Methods like that brought out a primal fear of the unknown that humans would never shake, no matter how advanced the society grows.

There would always be a boogeyman.

Right now that was Tony, but no matter how much the thugs and gang bosses talk they never said anything that was useful.

May was good at keeping her tracks hidden, only revealing enough to give the illusion of a full story, but still leaving out major key details. Details that Tony was desperately looking for.

It was clear after month two that she skipped town, but there was nothing in the rumors about Peter. Hell, most didn't even know she took care of a kid.

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