Chapter 6

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Peter was too exhausted to dream last time, it felt like a godsend (or was it god's send? With proof of Norse gods Peter tried not to think too much of the terminology). He always felt more rested when there weren't dreams crowding his brain at night.

As Peter slowly swings his legs out of bed, his foot hit against a box that made an unfamiliar rattle. Still dazed from sleep he looked down while rubbing one eye. The box contained all the shattered pieces of Ned's Lego death star, he needed to remember to rebuild it, but that was a problem for another time. Right now he needed to get ready before-

Peter's eyes widened as his spider sense kicked up a level indicating that Aunt May woke up. He cursed quietly in his head as he quickly got up, the chances of him avoiding her this morning were close to none, especially considering the fact that he hadn't managed to get in the shower yet. He gathered clothes from his dresser and made it across the hall to the bathroom only moments before May opened her door. He thought about locking the door but realized it would only cause more problems if she found out, not that he needed to, she hardly acknowledged him in the mornings before she's had her coffee.

After his shower and getting dressed, Peter watched himself in the bathroom mirror as he dried his hair with a towel. As he looked himself over he was glad to note that his decent night's rest greatly improved the bags under his eyes, he almost looked healthy, except when he reached over to scratch his side he was reminded of his slightly protruding ribs. Normally May fed him enough, if not the bare minimum to look healthy and cared for, but since he developed his abilities it didn't take him long to come to the conclusion that his enhanced metabolism wasn't doing him any favors and it wasn't like he had the option to spend what little allowance he was given on extra food, he had to use it on chemicals for his web fluid and needed school supplies.

Walking out of the bathroom and back into his bedroom, Peter could hear the clanks of silverware against dishes coming from the kitchen, May was probably making breakfast. His suspicion was confirmed when he stepped out of his room again with his bag and shoes on, the smell of food filled the air. He double checked to make sure he had his SI ID. He contemplated sneaking out the window but decided against it, May would probably retaliate by padlocking it shut if she found out.

He clutched the strap of his bag as he moved forward. He kept his head down as he quickly walked to the door hoping that maybe she wouldn't notice, of course he was wrong.

"Peter." May called, her voice was almost sweet, as if she was happy to see him that morning.

He stopped in his track as he looked over at her, he was within plain view of the kitchen so there was no chance of escaping her gaze.

"Sit, I've got eggs for you." She set a plate of scrambled eggs down at the small table. Peter only nodded in response as he walked into the kitchen setting his bag by the chair before sitting down, he took the fork by the plate and started eating. May sat in the chair across from him and watched him for a uncomfortable moment before finally speaking.

"So, how's the internship?" She asked innocently. Peter took one more bite before setting his fork down then looking up at here, he was immediately suspicious of her actions the moment she set the eggs down, so Peter wasn't surprised to find out it was an invite for an interrogation.

'Mr. Stark invited me into his workshop, he said he liked some of my designs' he signed. He had to pretend not to notice the sudden spike in his Spider sense as it sent sharp prickles down his spine.

Imminent danger.

"Only some of them?" She asked, her smile faltering with a faint twitch.

Peter swallowed, 'he especial liked one that I already have a working prototype for.' Peter glanced down at May's relaxed hand, there was a faint glint of silver hidden under her fingers. He had to force himself not to think of what it was.

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