Chapter 3

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[[A/N: And this chapter is where you get to see the true colors of Aunt May, also Tony is finally introduced even if it is just for a moment.]]

"Dude, we got everything you need. Gravity guns, laser rifles, hell even climbers that let you be Spider-Man. I wouldn't be surprised if that bug's using our merch." The Shocker leaned against the van door with a sly smile. Just looking at him you knew the guy was bad news, he wore a gauntlet that covered his entire lower arm and he already demonstrated it as a powerful weapon.

"Bro, I'm just looking for something for a stick up. I'm not lookin' to send someone to space." Prowler looked at the weapons but it was obvious he wasn't into what the other man was pitching. He was just looking for a pistol, he didn't need any of this hybrid alien weapons.

The Shocker caught on to the other man's hesitancy. "Look, hey I get you. You want something small, well we just got a shipment from Sokovia. So quality weapons made from the scraps of Ultron. This stuff's pretty limited though but I swear you wont regret it." He grabbed what looked like an arm that was modified to blast on command, it almost reminded Prowler of Iron Man's blasters.

"Look, you guys got some overpowered shit here. I'm really not looking for this kind of stuff." Prowler glanced at the other guy next to the Shocker, both had this crazy vibe about them and he really didn't want to get caught up in any of this business.

"You called us man..." the shocker trailed off as he activated his gauntlet. It buzzed to life and Prowler to a quick step back.

"Man, you really need to work on your marketing skill," said a voice sounding too young for any of the men there to have said it.

The three quickly looked up surprised to see Spider-man perched on the roof of the van. The two weapons dealers immediately pointed what they had at the hero. The shocker swung up at Spider-man but Peter quickly jumped up into the darkness of the alleyway.

"Shit, where'd he go!" The Shocker said angrily.

Prowler was glad to take the chance to run out of there but the Shocker's goon grabbed him. "This guy set us up!"

"No, no you got it wrong." He tried to struggle but he suddenly felt the sharp metal of one of the hybrid weapons dig into his back. He froze.

"Dude, what'd I tell ya." Peter said as he fell from about putting himself between Prowler and the good. "Be nice to the customer!" With that Peter decked goon in the jaw. Prowler made his escape, this time successful because of Spider-man, crime in New York was getting to crazy for him.

Peter slammed his palm against the goon's chest causing him to fly back against the alley wall. He suddenly got a spike in his spidey sense.

Attack from the left.

Without a second guess Peter ducked and the Shocker's fist went over him. With one swift motion Peter turned on his toes and punched the Shocker in the stomach, the guy was knocked back to the ground about a few feet away. Peter winced, he needed to work on pulling his punches more. The Shocker was gasping for air clearly having the wind knocked out of him.

The goon suddenly grabbed Peter's right arm. He couldn't help the gasp of pain that escaped as the man's fingers pressing into Peter's still healing burn. It was distraction enough for the Shocker to quickly get up to hit Peter with the full force of the gauntlet. Peter went flying down the alleyway leaving a heavy dent in a dumpster.

The weapons dealers took the opportunity to get into the van and speed off.

Peter groaned as he stumbled out of the trash pile, he bolted after the van and with the vehicle turned a corner Peter took to the skies with his webbing. The Shocker started firing the Ultron arm at Peter out of the back of the van's open doors. It took more effort then he'd like to admit to dodge the attacks. He really wanted to make a snappy remark on the guys aim but both his hands were busy.

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