Chapter 21

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"This just in on NBC News.

Police have been investigating the sharp increase of drug trafficking in the Brooklyn area, but currently progress has been slowed due to the sudden disappearance of a local vigilante, Spider-Man, last spotted late December and after months of inactivity, his absence has caused a sharp incline of crime all over the city.

Police resources have been focused on maintaining order during the rise in crime, but leading investigators on the Brooklyn drug case have identified one of the lead couriers as fifteen year old Peter Parker.

Mr. Parker recently attended Midtown School of Science and Technology, he was the top of his class and participated in the local Decathlon team that won nationals months ago.

Many of his peers and teachers were shocked at the news of his affiliation."

Ned Leeds (Close Friend): We were told his aunt was taking him to Texas... I never thought he'd be doing something like that...

Michelle Jones (Close Friend): I knew something was wrong when he stopped replying, Peter would never do something like this on his own. Whatever's happening he's being forced.

Roger Herrington (Teacher): Mr. Parker was a bright student, he didn't show any sign of bad behavior in school. In fact he was one of the most well behaved and focused students I've ever meet. I feel like we've all failed as teachers for not noticing anything sooner.

"Mr. Parker was also known to be the youngest intern at Stark Industries, it is said he worked closely with Tony Stark until he quit the internship last September. There has yet to be a statement from Mr. Stark or Stark Industries on the matter, but a press conference has been scheduled.

May Parker, Peter Parker's Aunt, had taken the fourteen year old out of school in October, the school claims the reason was for moving to Austin Texas with family, it was only later revealed that the Parker's have no other living relatives, so it's strongly believed the reason was fabricated.

Lieutenant Anderson and Detective Octen, lead officers on the case, believed that May Parker was the reason Peter Parker was recruited as a drug courier. Their official released statement suggests that they discovered signs of abuse in the apartment the Parker's resided in.

It is unknown where either of the Parkers are at this moment."


Last time Tony was standing at a podium like this he revealed to the world that he was Iron Man, now he had to release a statement about Peter being found out as Nor.

He looked down at the card in his hands, for once in his life he was going to follow the cards. He didn't trust his voice otherwise.

He cleared his throat as he looked out at the awaiting reporters.

"The first time I met Mr. Parker was at the 2011 Stark Expo, I didn't know it was him at the time.

The second time I met him was after he was selected for the Jr. SI Internship.

It wasn't till the third time I met him that I truly saw his potential, he had forgotten his ID and it was by chance that I was in the building that day. I cleared up the misunderstanding then walked him to his floor. It was there that I saw the projects he worked on. His blueprints and designs were far beyond what I expected of him, he was so close to solving problems I hadn't even considered.

I knew one day he had the potential to surpass even myself. It was there I decided to turn the internship into a mentorship.

Unfortunately that didn't last long, for reasons that I now understand were related to drug running, he quite the internship.

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