Chapter 5

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They hadn't taken the same elevator they took going up, instead Mr. Stark lead Peter down a few halls past the main elevators and into what Peter could only assume was his private elevator. It was smaller than the others but still roomy. There were mirrors lining the walls and ceiling giving the illusion that it was larger than it was. Another thing Peter noticed was it didn't have a keypad to request floors, Peter was about to draw attention to to it but his question was answered as Stark spoke.

"Take us to the workshop level, Friday"

<Yes, Boss>

Peter couldn't help but look up at the ceiling since that seemed to be where the voice came from, there was a strip of pulsing light that ran along the wall near the ceiling. Peter immediately recognized the voice as FRIDAY's. He wanted to ask questions but his hands were to busy supporting the box in his arms to have a chance to grab his phone.

Stark just looked over at him with an amused look in his eye, he could tell the kid wanted to say something. "Friday, this is Mr. Parker. I believe you two have already met."

<It is nice to be formally introduced, Mr. Parker> The A.I replied.

Peter just nodded up at the ceiling in greeting.

Stark's private elevator was a lot faster than the employee one, despite going up at least twenty floors it barely took a minute for the doors to open on the correct level. Stark was the first to step out and Peter quickly followed, he tried not to get to awestruck by Tony Stark's workshop but it was nearly impossible when you've been looking up to the man for most of your life, even before Iron Man he was a brilliant inventor. Peter would admit that some of Mr. Stark's life choices before Iron Man weren't exactly characteristics of proper role models but at the time Peter was to young to comprehend that.

Peter was on autopilot as he followed Stark through the shop, he was to busy gawking at what he assumed was a new Iron Man prototype, that he didn't notice Stark stop. Peter bumped into the man almost doping everything, luckily Stark had turned quick enough to steady the box.

"You alright there, champ?" He asked with an amused grin "Why don't you set that box.." Trailed off as he looked around, he took a large step towards a workbench that was smaller than the rest and had significantly less tools scattered about the top. Come to think of it Stark's workshop was kind of a mess, but Peter only loved it more because of that.

Peter was snapped into focus by a clatter of tools into a metal bin as Stark swept off the tools from the workbench into a metal container. "Just set it here, you've been quiet for to long." He took the bin over to a bot who was currently stacking scrap into small piles. "Make your new motor useful, Dummy. Put these in their place will ya."

The robot beeped in excitement at the new task as it grabbed the bin and wheeled to the other side of the room. "Probably shouldn't have done that," Stark mumbled to himself.

Before turning back to face Peter Stark had put an earpiece in so FRIDAY could talk to him without Peter noticing. "Keep me updated on his heart rate and panic levels," He whispered before glancing at Peter to make sure the kid was to awestruck to notice.

<On it, Boss> FRIDAY said in his ear.

Peter slowly put the box onto the workbench but still looked around with wide eyes as Stark walked back over.

"I mean not that I don't like hearing myself speak, but you seem like you have a lot to say." Stark continued, he now stood in front of Peter as the kid pulled out his phone. His thumbs just hovered over the keyboard as his eyes still wandered around the room. "What, cat got your thumbs?" Stark joked.

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