Chapter 24

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[A/N: Because I'm just as impatient as all of you when concerning the release of chapters, here's another!!! and it's GOT SO MANY MORE WORDS AND FEELS.]

"Pepper, I need you to schedule something in the UK," Tony practically ordered as he walked into the living room with a StarkPad in hand. "Make it a holiday, or fake busy meetings that I'll  be avoiding," He continued without missing a beat.

Pepper just scowled at him, "No, you have two very important stockholder meeting that you cannot miss this weekend!"

He rolled his eyes at her temper, she had become increasingly irritable lately, and he didn't know why, not that it mattered at the moment. He needed to get to Russia, he was so close to finding Peter.

"Skip it, take care of it, do something. Whatever it is, make it quick," He waved her off as he made a beeline to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water.

His response only seemed to make her more irritable, he hardly noticed.

"Tony, I know you're worried about Peter but you can't just lock yourself in your lab and treat me like-"

"Pepper! I found him," He quickly interrupted.

She suddenly looked surprised, "What-"

"He's in Russia of all places, there's reports of a new vigilante that can climb up walls, super strength, and all the other characteristics of Spider-Man minus the web slinging," He set the water bottle aside as he walked over to her. He put his hands gently on her arms. "Pep, I finally found him. I just need you to get me over the ocean without questions and a schedule I can easily disappear from. I can take care of the rest."

"You really found him?" She asked quietly.

"Best lead I've had so far. There's video proof that was taken two days ago, I need to get there quick in case something happens and I lose him again."

She looked at him a little shocked but there was a hopefulness in her eyes, "Ok, I'm sure I can set up something with the London division, I can get something on Monday but you'll still need to go to the stockholder meeting," She pulled out her phone as she started to get things set up.

"Thank you Pep," Tony said as he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

"Thank me by finding Peter, who knows what that poor boy has been through."

"I'm going to get things ready on my end, I've got a few things I need to check with the suit," He quickly turned on his heal as he started heading back to the workshop.


"Hm?" He faced her just as he got to the doorway.

"Once you find him, you're getting rid of that suit right?" She asked cautiously.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Tony waved her off as he continued towards the workshop.

Pepper looked off at the doorway Tony just disappeared though as she bit her bottom lip. She shook her head before looking back down at her phone.


After Blackwidow's visit things were quiet, well, as quiet as they can be when you're actively seeking out crime.

Peter started helping around the homeless shelter when he could. There were one of two incidences where a fight nearly broke out at the shelter, things were getting tense after one of the major donors pulled their funding.

Food portions were smaller and fewer volunteers showed up as the summer started coming to an end.

But Maria still kept to her normal schedule, she was more or less the unofficial leader of the project. Which really wasn't fair, as she was having to juggle planning her lessons for the coming school year while also having to deal with the struggling finances of the shelter.

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