Chapter 19

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Peter burst through the door of John's apartment, the man was sitting at the table looking over the ciphered map.

He only raised an eyebrow slightly at Peter's entrance but soon went back to work as he etched down coordinates on a small piece of paper.

"Sounds like someone had a fun night, heard you got picked up by the cops again. Didn't think you'd be back," He said plainly as he continued his work.

Peter walked over to the fridge pulling it open. He grabbed a few of the ham sandwiches he'd made a few days ago. During his idle moments while in John's apartment he always felt the need to be useful.

He always did the dishes, he cleaned the apartment, even went out to get groceries as well as prepare meals to be stored in the fridge, neither of them had reliable eating schedules so preparing meals that could be refrigerated then eaten cold or microwaved later was the best approach.

His efforts in cleaning made the entire apartment look pretty decent compared to before, though it still lacked the homely touch of personal items and pictures. Despite how much Peter wanted it to be, it was no home, he was pretty sure John thought that to.

It was more of a work space you live in. He wondered if John even had a home other then the apartment, he'd never seen the man leave for extended periods of time so he strongly suspected no.

Peter walked over to the table then fell into the chair just in front of John on the other side of the table, he aggressively tore into the plastic wrap of the sandwich before eating.

He was angry, exhausted, and to hyped up on adrenaline to go to sleep any time soon. He was barely in time to catch the package before it hit the ground, and he was way past his delivery time.

He had a few guns pointed at him because of it, if it weren't for running out of the club as quick he did he'd probably be dead in some alley with a bullet in his back... well, more like bleeding out slowly. His enhanced body would still attempt to fight against death with everything it could.

That image probably shouldn't have bothered him, but his only thoughts about it were ' Shame, could have gotten out of this hell of a life.'

"Moody much?" John asked as he watched Peter devour the second sandwich.

Peter just let out a heavy sigh along with a wave of a hand as if if to say 'leave it, I'm fine.' John just responded with a shrug.

"Whatever you say," he muttered, "Anyways, with the cops adding patrols, and now your newest arrest, you'll be taking a break for awhile. Might be a few days, maybe a few weeks, not sure yet," John slowly got up with the paper in hand as he took his cane which was leaning next to the table. He started limping his way into his bedroom.

Peter only tapped the table in a sign of understanding to his words.

Maybe it was better he laid low for awhile, he hadn't realized Mr. Stark was looking for him. He thought they ended things with the internship, he really couldn't understand why the man was still trying to reach out to Peter. Peter couldn't give him anything he wanted, the guy was a genius and a billionaire, anything he'd ever want or need he could buy or build.

Was he after information? For the mobs he couriered for? Well he did say he wanted to help Peter and the mention of the fire... he probably wanted information on May. Was he trying to make a mutual deal?

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