Chapter 17

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It wasn't till the end of the night that Peter broke the news.

Peter's friends were understandably upset after he told them he was 'moving.' He told them that they were leaving tomorrow morning so there would be no other chances for goodbyes.

Of course they questioned why he didn't say something sooner, but Peter replied by saying he only found out days ago and hadn't wanted to make Homecoming sad for them.

MJ didn't like the excuse, he could see it on her face but she didn't voice her opinion on that.

As Homecoming drew to an end, the crowd of students slowly thinned. Liz was the first to leave, she gave Peter a big hug before walking off to the car that waited for her. Peter spotted Toomes in the front seat, when he glanced back at his daughter, who looked sad, he shot a glare at Peter. It wasn't till Liz spoke that his shifted to suspicious confusion.

She undoubtedly told him about Peter moving.

At that point Peter turned to his other friends, since the villain didn't deserve any reaction from Peter, he was still pissed that the guy had the audacity to threaten his friends.

"Is there really no way you can stay?" Ned asked.

Peter just shook his head.

"Well, at least promise you'll call, doofus," MJ said, she was trying to look as tough as she usually did but he could tell she was just as affected by the news Peter was leaving as Liz.

Toomes' car was eventually replaced by Aunt May. The dread from before was resurfacing.

<Bye guys> Peter typed, how he wished he didn't have Aunt May for a guardian. Tonight could have been different.


"Welcome back Nor," John greeted tiredly as Peter walked through the door.

Peter just nodded in greeting before walking over to the closet. Once again his smart phone was replaced with a simple flip phone.

He had two weeks of cloths stuffed in his messenger bag (even though he'd be saying longer, looks like he'd have to make regular trips to the laundromat), he emptied it all out in the little green tote was still in the closet. He would have packed more but May only let him have the one bag, there was really no reason for it, she was just being cruel.

Just as Peter was pulling out his black hoodie, mask, and gloves he got a text.

Unknown number: YV, 8L, 11:30AM Lela

Right, that was Peter's cue to get to work.

"Cops have been swarming the city since you've left, the lead officers have been driving themselves crazy trying to find you after you escaped," John warned as Peter walked to the door. Peter just gave a thumbs up in response.

His new goal was to not get caught again, but before he went to the pickup he needed to grab a pair of boots. At least with a different name he could pretend to be someone else, but that still didn't stop the guilt from stealing.


After that Monday of Peter showing up to school Tony relaxed slightly. He still kept an eye on the kid though. He kept his grades up, he was back at being Spider-Man, he seemed to be returning to life before Tony Stark.

Tony had to admit he really didn't like that, it meant that he was still had to deal with May.

During those weeks Peter was back at school, Tony still dug into May's past.

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