Chapter 1

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[A/N: I've always thought that they never gave Peter's spidey sense much justice in Homecoming, so a lot of this fix will involve the use of that ability so it's now a sixth sense that would be just as important as sight or hearing instead of an ability that's only used occasionally. I also really like MJ do the vague friendships they have was developed more before the events of Homecoming.

Another thing is that this story will be following the plots and events of Spider-man: Homecoming but I'll try not to linger on that stuff to much since I'm sure if your reading this fanfic you've already seen that movie 5+ times. (My personal count is 28)

Disclaimer- I don't actually know ASL so if there are issues or inconsistencies in that area of this story it's because of ignorance of the subject, I do try my best to research for it but even that's not as good as actually knowing it.]


The heat from the fire fills the air surrounding Peter.

He's scared, and crying. Today should have been a good day, it should have been filled with happy music, presents, and cake. It was Peter's birthday after all, his sixth to be exact, but now none of that would be possible today. Especial as he stares at his uncle Ben who lay lifeless on the floor.

"Peter, darling."

Peter's head snaps in the direction of the voice, a tall skinny woman stood in the doorway of the burning apartment. She seemed to be awaiting an answer, what did she ask?

... oh right.

Peter woke up with a jerk as his alarm clock beeped angrily.

Blinking the sleep out of his eyes as he looks around the room, he realizes immediately where he was but that doesn't help him relax, especially with the light tingle on the back of his neck that make his hair stand on end.

Aunt May is still in the apartment.

Ever since he was bitten by that spider during the Oscorp field trip, Peter has been relying heavily on what he now calls his spidey sense. Sure climbing up walls and the proportional strength of a spider is cool, but knowing exactly what level of danger that surrounds him is a more useful skill in Peter's opinion and with his daily life he's had a lot of time to understand the ability.

Pulling his legs over the side of the bed, Peter slowly gets up and starts his morning rituals. His spidey sense is just a gentle whisper in the back of his mind meaning aunt May is still sleeping, she usually doesn't get up till 10 anyways but there's always the small chance she might break tradition.

He got in late last night from patrolling as Spider-Man. It was later then he wanted to but some criminal found himself in a high speed chase with the police, Peter was on his way home when it started but he couldn't just ignore it. He spend half an hour chasing the car and another half waiting for the police to arrive to apprehend the criminal that was tangled in a mess of webbing. Peter was practically on auto pilot this morning so he didn't even realize he was heading to the door until he grabbed his house keys.

Shaking his head trying to fully wake up, he looked at his dresser that his keys were previously on and grabbed the Stark Industries name tag that laid on the corner before stuffing both items into his pocket.

His eyes widened as his spidey sense turned from a whisper into a noticeable hum.

May was awake.

He quickly looked back at the door to her bedroom before rushing out of the small apartment. It wasn't till he was down eight stories and on the sidewalk that his senses calmed down.

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