State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 3 Ax

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"Why is it you feel the need to piss me off?" Bradley growls as he tries again to kill me and I nimbly avoid.

"Well, because I'm like you." I reply, rolling under his next slash.

"How so?!" he replies, stabbing straight down at me.

"Imma lowlife." I say simply as I grab the sword with my automail arm and move out of the way. The thin layer of skin cuts and heals over quickly when I let go. "Though, in your case, you're livin' the high life."

"You think I'm a lowlife?!" he tries again to slash me and this time I land on the sword with my automail leg and balance perfectly. He glares at me and moves the sword, making me jump down.

"Tell me true, Bradly. We've been doing this for over an hour and I'm wondering...To you, everyone is a pawn in your game, aren't they..? Even the humunculii are no more then to get what you want. Even if you claim it's for your Father or Dante, it's all for you, isn't it?"

" figured it out, hu?"

"It wasn't that difficult, really. You're not very good at hiding it."

After this I was fairly sure that this man was not a good king...and how he got there I won't know. I guess he was just put there...and I wonder if there's anything he actually cares about. I doubt it...they've never lost a war...we as a country need a brand new start...the 1 that we have this morning isn't good...

We reach the room where Sloth is destroying things.... "Was told....kill blond girl and muscle boy...what a pain." he groans, looking over as we walk in. "Other girls....not who I want...."

"Aw, how sad..." I reply

"We want you..." Cylon adds.

"What you mean...?" he looks confused. We walk closer and he tries to grab us. We jump over him and I land on his shoulders where he can't reach me very well...Cylon throws the Aquosea Stone to me and I put it on his shoulder where it sinks in. "Ugh...can't reach annoying child...what a pain..."

"CHILD!!!???" I growl, glaring at him.

"Reminds me boy..."


"Cuz you...sorda act like him..." Cylon replies.

"I DO NOT!!"


I open my mouth to object but then sigh. "Fine, I see your point...."

"Ommigod...she's facing reality...."

"DON'T PUSH IT!!" I snap, pulling the Philosopher's Stone from Sloth and his tattoo turns blue.

"What is....feeling...?" he looks around, confused, as I jump from his shoulders.

"It's called freedom..." Cylon replies.


"Ok, let's say it like's called you don't have to do everything your Father and Dante tell you to can do what you wish."

"'s that thing from Brigs!!" Olivier gets wide-eyed as she catches up.

"Name...Sloth..." he mutters, looking at her. "Blond girl...suppose to kill...told to...but I don't want's a pain..." he plops himself on the floor. "1st told to dig hole, then suppose to kill brother and sister...what a pain...only get orders..." he looks at me. "You said I don't have to follow orders anymore...right?" I nod. He smiles. "Good...I help you now instead. Feels...less painful now....what you do?"

"Switched stones." I hold up his Philosopher's Stone and he stares, confused.

"But....should die without it...I'm still alive..."

"We've traded your red stone with a different one." Cylon replies.

"Wait..." Alex looks at me. "is that a..."

"Philosopher's Stone? Yes." I nod. "The Humunculii live off these things but...we've found another way..."

"Feels...better...less pain..." Sloth sighs happily. "Like this stone better..."

"With your new freedom you can also call yourself something else as well." Cylon smiles.

"New name?" he questions, looking around. "I....dunno...." he stays silent for a while. "Ax...I like Ax..."

I open my mouth to say something like "That's not a real name" but Cylon covers my mouth before I can.

"That's a great name." Cylon smiles, moving her hand. "Right?" she glares at me with a "You better say yes" type of look and I sigh.

"Yeah..." I smile warmly.

"Ok, so we've got a massive Humunculus on our side..." Olivier sighs. "what now...?"

"What now?" Cylon asks. "Good question...what now...?" she looks at me, befuddled. I facepalm and pull out a walky talky.

"Mustang, central military base secure. Phase 3 can now begin." I say, holding the button.

"Roger that. What about the smaller bases? When Bradley returns we don't want any uprisings." he replies.

"Mustang, I'm fairly sure none of them will do anything after hearing Mortel's story." Olivier replies. "If they do, leave it to me."

"I'll do that, Major-General Armstrong. I take it you're brother made it there alright..."

"I'm here, Mustang." Alex replies before his sister can make a bad remark. "I'm more worried about the massive thing seems to have traded to our side but..."

"Alex....have you no faith in us?" Cylon asks innocently. Mustang laughs.

"I take it you traded Sloth's stone then?" Mustang asks.

"It's....Ax now..." Ax replies before one of us can.

"Then that's a yes. Good."

"It wasn't very hard." Cylon replies.

"Because following orders is a pain...." Ax sighs.

"Then be glad you're not in the military." Mustang laughs.

"Should we tell him?" Alex asks Olivier softly so the thing wouldn't pick it up as me and mustang talked about what was to happen next.

"Well he'll find out eventually." Olivier looks from me to the walky talky and back. "but I think he wouldn't believe it unless he saw it..."

" very true..." Alex replies. "He is that type of person..."

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