State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 4 Battle Begins

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"You think you give very good advice..." I say evenly, bouncing gracefully away from is sword. "But then you don't you follow it?"

"What do you mean?!" he growls, pissed that he can't seem to even scratch me.

"Well, I suppose the biggest example is how you say you hate humans yet you wish you were one..." I reply simply. "And how you say so many other things that you ignore later...."

"YOU'RE REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!" he snaps, slashing faster and hitting my automail arm right where it ends. He was about a half inch from cutting through me.

"Oh, so close." I whisper, the thin layer of skin healing quickly. "It's been a long ride...but roll on roller coaster..."

"Weird." Bradley growls, slashing with the same speed but calming himself quickly. "I remember when Envy came back from that place he reported that you'd tried to take your life and you'd written that you long to die...who's contradicting themselves now?" he aims higher and I sigh, clapping and grabbing a pipe which turns into a sweet sword, blocking his sword a split second before it hit me.

"That was before I found a reason to live....and realized that only from tragedy can something beautiful come." I reply evenly as he uses his sword to try to flip me. I let his force lift me up and I use the walls to bounce away from him.

"Where are you going?" he snarls "You finally had enough?"

"Not even close." I smirk, shooting quickly at him. As predicted, he strikes and I use some quick alchemy to make a place to grip when I pose above him.

"What are you doing up there?"

"You used to be lost..." I growl, looking at the star I'd made around him with small metal throwing stars and the line he'd just made with the sword trying 2 kill me that connects them. "But now you're just blind." I smirk.

"Wha..." he starts, then looks around him just as I touch the line and he jumps a split second to late as a huge steal ball covers him and there's a loud Gong as he hits the wall. I jump down and land beside it.

"Oh...that sounded like it hurt...why don't you stay in there and rest for a while? We need you to stay dead for just a bit longer." I say as I walk away.

If you haven't noticed, I've been giving you bits of the fight in advance of each part of the story. Here's where they all come together. Parts 1 and 2 went fine and smooth...and clause 1 of part 3 is working fine. That clause is to make all of Amestris hate Bradley...and after Martel, Roa, and Dolcetto all talking on the radio, along with least 95% hates him now. All we need is most...the rest will have no choice but to follow. After we got Ax on our side, we went back to the tunnels to confirm that the 2nd clause was going on. That's when we separated into 4 groups. We being me, Cylon, and the rest of the Humunculii on our side. After those groups got a designated distance, they each broke into 2 groups and then into single people. The tunnels go through all of Amestris and we needed to make sure it was all in a state of riot. About then was when James ended up with us. Me...I think that's more, I already went through how we met so I won't bother, but I will say that he stayed with me the entire time after that which was slightly awkward for me because I wasn't exactly popular or used to people following me other then my sister...James had also been found just before we'd all left. I was only out because we heard the fight. Yeah, that was all weirdly convenient.

Anyways, after a while I go to walky talky Mustang then re-think it... "No...that would only end badly..." I mutter, deciding to try Cylon instead. She, of course, was with Dylan...because when ever she wasn't with me she was with him...or most of the time with us both... "and Dylan probably has the..." I start to mutter to myself.

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