All is 1 and 1 is All

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This simple principle is something I've always believed, even on the other side. I am all in that I can comprehend and know things far larger then myself and I am 1 in that I am only a small part of a grander theme. I am all in that I know this but I am only 1 that does. All is everything from the rocks to the river, to you and I...and 1 is a single part in a massive thing. I suppose this could be called the second founding principle of alchemy. I found out I could use alchemy when I had gotten away and was sitting in a tree crying...when I looked down there was a patch of flowers beneath me...1 for every 1 of my tears...of a few types...looking at them reminded me of a poem I'd wrote on the other side for a school project...the poem was suppose to be what's called a list poem, where you list things off along with a meaning that best fits it in your eyes...

Lavender for Comfort, Moon Flower to remind you of the next tomorrow, And Bleeding Hearts for all the pain and sorrow. Jonquil for Courage, Sweet Peas for Innocence. Aster for the Future, Marigolds for Hope. Gladioli to be Individual, Day Lily to Move On, Iris to keep Alive the Ones We've Lost, Heather for Joy and Lilac for Staying Strong. Of coarse, there's 1 last favorite 1...Amaryllis to sparkle through The darkest of times...I think my tears turned to these flowers...knowing I would remember what they mean to me.

Eventually I became desperate...we'd already moved to live with the animals but because of that we couldn't get a teacher...we had to get on our own feet again...and so we did. While we know it's impossible to transmute a human...we still remembered how to build flesh, so we covered our auto-mail and set off to find a teacher. We never did find 1...we taught ourselves. Experience is the best teacher, you know.

We ended up being something like street performers and helping the people in the towns we went through as well...we didn't know this would help us out so much. We were just after a red stone said to be able to bring back the dead and we wanted to see if it was possible we could get our bodies back with it as well...after all, we still can't grow bones. So, while we can make a massive amount of tissue we can't specialize it into muscle and nerves yet...

Eventually we met Ed and Al...who were also looking for a way to get their bodies back...but without the stone. We got them to tell us why. The reasons...the entire story of the Humunculi and the Philosopher's Stone...and we decided we weren't going to use that either. This was early in their journey. In fact, they said they just found out about we had another idea...and we set off to Xing, where we learned all we could about alchahistory and brought it back....around then all of our memories from within the Gate rushed back and, using all of the information we had...we made another stone....working in opposite with the Philosopher's Stone, and we called it the Aquosea Stone, because it looks like a swirling chunk of ocean. Aqua is water and a Sea is a small part of the the end the spelling ended up replacing the 'a' at the end of 'aqua' with an 'o' and putting 'sea' on the end...but that's not how it's pronounced. It's 'aqua' only instead of the long 'a' it's a long 'o' so 'aquo' and then 'duh' only like a 'z' instead of a 'd' so it's 'zuh' and put together. 'aqu-o-zuh'

Though, oddly....after all these years of looking for a way to get our bodies back....when we had it we'd grown to like our we made another was simple, actually. We wanted to know if it was possible to separate chimeras into their natural far it's been a fail. However, there were 2 parts to our mission. Part 2 was to help the Humunculi...and we set to do that.

Sadly, though, they'd killed a few of them before we could get to them...but the good news is that we could make them re-build around the Aquosea Stone after, it just took more time doing so. When they're alive it's simple...give them the blue stone and have them separate from the red 1 once the blue 1 connects. Only they know when it connects so only they can know when to take out the Philosopher's Stone...and that's where the next story starts.

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