Hate, Revisit, and The Sacrifice

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This is part 2 of our story, so after reading it you'll be about half way through our basic life. I want to start by saying we were BORN with all our memories from our past life but, being born a baby like everyone else, no way to convey them. Alas, no one in their right mind would believe us even if we could, so we kept our mouth shut. We were born twins in Central, and were straight A students in the class-room.

But having 2 lives meant having 2 abusive families...at least for me. I don't know if Cylon had to go through that before or not. Our older brother was nice but clueless to it and our mother had to go through it with us...if we told anyone he said he'd hurt us worse. It was a cruel life...and part of the reason we learned alchemy. Having still had memories from our other life, I knew almost all the symbols and circles...and all of my variations of them. I didn't know at the time that I would need them...until 1 day me and Cylon were sitting out by a fire we'd made in the forest after running away again.

"H-he...he said he'd stop hurting us if we gave him something 2 be proud of like brother..." she stammers.

"Forget it, Cy..." I sigh softly. "nothing will make him happy...."

"I HATE HIM!!" she cried loudly. "Is this...is this our equal exchange for coming back...?"

"Maybe..." I look at her. What happened to us...only 3 days before that is to...to much of a pain to repeat. It was our 13th birthday...and something I never wanna relive ever again...brother was at collage so there were no witnesses...no 1 to help...

A few weeks later he killed mother....beat her to death. Blood ran down from them both and about then he walked in. He said if we could bring her back with human transmutation...he'd be proud and leave us alone from then on...and so we did. We tried to bring her back...not for him, for us. She was the only one that we loved...brother always turned up his nose to us...he didn't believe it when we told him what the scars are from. They called me Envy at school...because I hated the very existence of humans after that. Mostly because they had something I so wanted...a family...friends....people who care...someone who listens...a life...a life beyond what I've ever had...either of the 2 times. I hate humans...I hate them....all they do is hurt other humans...and kill them...and lie and hurt and...and I just hate them. I hate being considered human. So, in a way...1 of my sacrifices was my humanity when I lost my leg, my arm...and part of my inside. Cylon lost the same arm and leg...only she lost part of her mind...literally. Parts of her memory including that of our 13th birthday...and all the worse parts...I forced that...that thing to take all the bad memories. Unfortunately, it also means she has problems remembering things as well...and when we got back father was laughing...but I was the only conscience 1...

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING AT, DAMN IT!?" I screamed, tears running down my face.

"I knew it." he laughs "I knew you couldn't do it..but loosing an arm and a leg...both of you? How pathetic." he keeps laughing...I growl.

"I'LL SHOW YOU PATHETIC!!" I snap, using blood to draw a circle then, using my only arm, forcing spikes around him and a few through him...but not enough to kill him. I pull out the gun I'd made and point at him. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!"

"Oh, will you now? I don't think you can....because you're weak..." he growls, his hands on vine points and his entire body wrapped in rose vines. I glare at him, then look at the gun...I sigh softly. He's...he's right...I can't pull the trigger. Even through all he's ever done is hurt me and my sister and mother...he's still a human. I can't bring myself to kill another human...not after seeing The Gate again...I can't...I can't do it....not if I don't have to. "HA! I KNEW you were to WEAK!! You couldn't even kill insects so how could you expect 2 kill another human being!!??"


"Don't forget that you to are..."

"I WILL NOT BE PART OF YOUR SUPPOSED HUMANITY WHICH DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!!" I yell, tears streaming down my face. "I WON'T BE DRAGGED DOWN BY YOU FILTHY HUMANS!! ALL YOU EVER DO IS HURT EACH OTHER AND CLAIM THINGS AS YOUR OWN, FORGETTING THAT THERE ARE OTHERS AROUND YOU!!! I REFUSE TO BE 1 OF YOU, YOU BASTARD!!!" I shoot rocks up around him, forming a circle then punch the ground as hard as I can. Huge vines with poison oozing from the thorns form and wrapping around him, piercing his skin. I grin hugely as he dangles there from the vines...remembering all the times this was reversed only I was in chains along with sister and mother. "and besides..." I sneer as he screams, the poison entering him. It won't kill him...just cause him extreme agony and hopefully paralyze him. "I only let you live because I want you to know everything you put us through...father!" I spit the word. "You will never see us again...understand? We're leaving and you're going to be alone...in fact, you can rot there for all I care."

"Harsh words...but how do you plan on leaving? You no longer have a leg to stand on." he glares at me. "And your sister is still unconscious."

"But unlike you I have friends I can count on." I retort.

"Really? Where?"

"They'll b here." I reply evenly, forming a sort of horn from the stone and playing it expertly. Slowly a bunch of animals walk in, both big and small.

"What the hell?!"

"Oh, you see...animals are reliable...unlike humans. And they're loyal and honest...more than can be said for almost any human..." I look at them all with a smile as they all walk about. The wolves surround father, growling and snarling. "It's alright...he can't get out of those vines." I look at them. They suddenly notice what I'm missing and surround me, whining softly. They do the same for Cylon. "It'll be ok...but I need your help...to get sister and me out...please..." I look at them. Birds fly around me and the wolves nod. A huge tiger walks out and gently picks up sister in her mouth. She's a mother...so I know Cylon will be safe. She manages to get her on her back with help from the other animals and another tiger does the same with me. They all give father a last glare, as do I, and then we all leave. The tigers with me and Cylon in the middle...and the other big cats just outside of them. The wolves around the cats...with the birds flying over head...and that's when, I think...the rest of my humanity left me. When I realized I felt safer with the animals then I ever did with any human...and when I realized I felt more loved by them then any human other then sister and mother...

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