State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 5 Painting The Tunnel Red

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He lands with a thud on the concrete and skids to a halt just before he hits a wall. " close..." I mutter. "But I suppose I get skid points...." I sigh. James laughs slightly.

"Skid points, hu?"

"The distance from where he landed to where he ended up." I say simply. "It's a game me and my sister play when we're fighting. We rate each other's blows based on categories."

"Ah, I see" He replies "He did bounce a bit, though."

"Good, that's bonus points." I grin as Bradley gets up.

"Stop talking about me like I'm not here..." he growls, recovering quickly. Above us are the sounds of riots and shooting....many small fights going on at once, the 95% that want a new ruler facing the small final part that think things should stay the same. As we fight, my hearing trails to the above world, and I see riots leading to some blood-shed...and a radio I hear faintly as the pictures of blood-shed stop. It's Scar...

"You have to understand that war is what this man wants in his country." He says as I land an upper-cut and then jump back just before he can slice me. "Blood-shed is needed to make the cursed stone they's why the stone is blood red. We can't give them any more material for the stone." The people seem to agree and, while the riots are still going, the actual fights and gun-shots have stopped. Good...I knew if anyone could control that it would be I think that I fade to the right and then duck under the next slash of Bradley's sword.

"You're getting closer." I say as I jump over the next one. "But unfortunately for you, you don't have all hearing ears to go along with your all seeing eye. If you did you'd know it's to late for're rein as king is long gone."

"What do you mean?!" he glares at me "Explain yourself."

"Roughly 95% of this country hates you now." I say simply "They see the truth within your lies. Just like we planned. You're no longer wanted. They know what you did in Ishval and all the other small wars...."

"And how did you find out about it?!" he snaps, trying to slash me again and missing again.

"A few old Special Opp.s and the other Humunculii on our side now." I shrug. "And did you know Kimblee caused the train to fall and the bridge to collapse?"

"So you're the kid that was tormenting him...seems fitting."

"WHO YOU CALLIN' A KID SO SMALL SHE CAN'T EVEN FIGHT!!??" I snap and punch him in the face as hard as I can, making him fall backwards because I caught him off guard and James moves so he doesn't fall on him.

"Whoa....good hit...remind me to never REALLY piss you off..." James says as he looks at me.

"I'm not going down so easy." Bradley scowls, picking himself up.

"Stubborn old man..." me and James say at about the same time...we look at each other for a second and then shrug, turning back to Bradley.

"What way does a tree fall?" I ask simply before he can strike again

"What a stupid question from a stupid child. A tree falls down." Bradley scowls.

"Wrong..." I say, looking at him and forcing myself not to snap at the child part.


"A tree falls the direction it leans." I reply evenly, un-phased by his temperamental voice which would freeze most normal people. "You should have been more careful...of the direction you's a simple matter. One day you'll have to face the truth you've set for yourself...the seeds you've planted will grow." I turn and start to walk away, then turn back and look at him. He seems befuddled. After all...we were just fighting. "Will you be able to withstand the force they create when they do? ...You know, heavy is the head that wares the crown, hu, yer majesty?" and I turn and walk away.

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