State of Amestris: Roy Mustang PT: 3 Peace

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The state of Amestris has reached it's closing article...and the shortest 1. Since Roy became king Ishvallins have been given their homeland bak and it's been re-built completely. Tht was only part 1.

All the borders have been re-established and the treaties made more livable for the other country. We've had no wars after the riots from the Amestris up-rising calmed. Scar was put in charge of teaching the old ways 2 the younger children along with a half-Ishvallan from Brigs. They seem 2 b doing their job well.

The border with Drachma was among the 1st treaties 2 b worked with. They were compliant after the last person in charge was killed and replaced with a younger person. He was as tired of war as Mustang was and they both met at Brigs and worked things out. Oddly they became pretty good friends and talk with each other even now.

Alchemists b thou 4 the people is now a tru statement and people r now slowly starting 2 like us, including state alchemists.

Xing is, naturally, close with us as well and, while GreedLing became emperor, Mai's clan is being protected by him. We trade and work well with them constantly. GreedLing decided 2 keep his original stone.

Ed still won't accept Lora as their mother, nor James as his brother. Al, however, is slowly warming up 2 Lora.

Bradley got out of his encasement but, knowing he could never return 2 his position, stayed in hiding along with Salim/Pride. They were the only ones left working with Dante and their we thought...

Turns out there were some others, they just weren't able 2 do anything till a while l8er. Pride let it slip after a while tht there Father and Dante were making all new sins and including minor sins as sad tht they can't stay beaten long. We're still trying 2 figure out what ones they have made...but we have a feeling tht.....tht 1 of them will b our mother...

We've been working in the medical area and technology as well. Remember when I said I have photographic memory...? Well, when I was on the other side I had this love 4 blueprints and taking things apart. Because of tht we've been able 2 bring everything from huge things like rockets and satellites 2 small things people on tht side take 4 granted like cell phones and cordless phones 2 go along with the satellites. And computers with internet...because along with blueprints i'd seen we also saw the truth about both worlds and remembered almost all of it, unlike Ed and Al.

Thxs 2 us working in the medical field on tht side we have been able 2 bring other things here as well, like skin grafting. And, with alchemy, we don't need wait weeks 4 the skin 2 grow, it takes only a few minutes 2 cover an entire automail leg or arm, and a few seconds 4 it 2 heal once it's been cut. Tht makes it ez 2 do maintenance on it when needed, it comes off like a glove and if u grown when u put it bak on it grows 2 cover the metal. The only problem is skin is naturally fast growing...and u have 2 make sure tht it won't grow in2 the mechanics of the automail and ruin 1st tht was a major challenge. We had 2 make a circle tht would keep the skin as a surface layer...and it took a few weeks 2 perfect. Along with tht it made the skin grow bak faster 4 those non-alchemists. It was a helpful circle in 1 else knos this but the same circle with a few adjustments can b used 2 make the skin grow out of control...a painful weapon and tht's y we don't let any1 else kno. It's also y only a few doctors r able 2 do the grafting correctly. The key part is correctly...the circle also has 2 b carved in a certain depth or it won't last. However, the skin layer also protects the metal from water and dirt so it makes it last longer.

Other then medical stuff and a bunch of technology, the universe here is almost identical 2 the other side except the planets aren't exactly the same looking in Earth doesn't look the same. Yeah, it's a big, beautiful ball of blue and green but the colors r placed different, and they r on all the planets as well. Seems about right....i found out something in tht truth place when I fell asleep and woke up there (I guess i'd actually been hit in the head rlly rlly hard)

 let me explain something 1st. A basic law of nature, 4 every action there is an = and opposite re-action. Understand tht. There is no right without a left, there is no up without a down, there is no night without a day, there is no smart people without some dumb-asses, do u get tht? There is no dark without a light and there s no good without an evil. Tht's the 1st part 2 remember.

Secondly is can not b created or destroyed, only changed and manipulated. Everything around u is constantly changing, just at a level 2 small 2 b seen. Everything is constantly moving, even if it appears still. 2 laws of nature....tht neither side quite understood because there was no proof of it. I figured it out....

On the other side we have things we kno as Black Holes...things with such extreme gravity not even light can escape. Light...and energy...the 1 at the center of the Milky Way is what's called a Super Massive Black Hole, SMBH. It's what holds the entire Milky Way 2gether. A famous scientist on tht side said tht, using the 2 rules we talked about already, there must b a White Hole. It spews all the information the Black Hole collected, along with all the energy and light. He thought it would lead 2 a very real parallel universe....he wasn't far off...

If we make a telescope large enough 2 c the middle of this Galaxy, which will hopefully b someday soon, we will c a Super Massive White Hole, and the source of the energy 4 alchemy. The wars, destruction, and chaos on tht side make the energy 4 this side. While this side has alchemy, that side has technology....which we've introduced here. However, we refuse 2 make destructive technology like bombs and seems a world of alchemy the last thing we need is a way 2 make nuclear bombs...we have normal bombs, it's all we need. I won't dare bring nuclear or atomic technology here. And so closes the final and most recent chapter of this country of a whole, tht is.

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