Fire and Flame: PT 3 Interveiw

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As u can imagine the written test was the easy part...what's left is 4 me 2 win over the interviewer...

the stool with 3 legs....which 4 some reason is suppose 2 b unstable here...even tho any1 who knows math on the other side will tell u the exact weird...4 legs actually makes chairs wobblier...i walk in2 the room, un-afraid and slightly over-confident.

“come...sit down.” the interviewer says...i don't kno the voice nor am I ever given a name. “good evening. How's it going?”

“well it's goin'...and good evening 2 u as well, sir.” I try 2 cover my sarcastic blunder with a polite word...i donno how well it worked...

“it's goin' hu?” he laughs. Seems he has a sense of humor 2...or he likes how I tried 2 cover it up, 1 of the 2.... “let's cut to the chase, shall we? Y is it u want 2 join the State Alchemists?”

Snappy questions, hu...? Mustang's voice chimes in2 my head “u can't tell them what your real motives r and u can't tell them ur tru past. U have skin covering ur automail so it's 1 less question they can ask...” so I can't tell them the truth...i have 2 lie convincingly...i wonder if he knows how ez tht is 4 me...?

“i need to gain access 2 the books I can't get 2 presently so I can finish my research and keep a promise I made a while bak.” I say evenly, not missing a beat. “i need 2 finish my I can help myself and others....and I need it 2 keep a promise 2 myself and 2 another....and i'm not going 2 give up until I get the information I need 2 finish my project.” I say firmly.

“and what might this project be?” he asks, clearly intrigued.

“taking an existing chimera...and splitting it bak in2 the original animals tht were used 2 make it.”

“hm...and y do u wish 2 learn that? After all, it's been proven impossible many times...”

“NOTHING is impossible.” I say stubbornly. “and i've almost done it a few times....i've gotten them seperet a few times and they've lived...but only a few hours...all I need is the secret 4 them 2 sustain life and i'll b finished...” so I didn't have 2 tell a complete lie after all....after all, this is 1 of the projects we're working on. “and as 4 y I want this 2's because i've seen way 2 many human chimeras 4 me 2 not want 2 help them....the pain they were put thro and still live with...i'm sick of watching I intend 2 change it...i'm done...”

“so u'r saying u've almost done 1 of the things we've labeled impossible...?”

“humans seem 2 label things impossible because they gave up trying it so they stamp an impossible lable on it 2 cover the fact tht they just were sick of trying...tell me, have u ever tried?”

“ I was told it wasn't possible...”

“the 1 who labeled it impossible did so because HE couldn't do it and he thought he could do anything so if he couldn't then it's impossible.”

“how do u kno?”

“because i've seen the same thing happen many times.” I reply evenly. “some1 thinks they're the best, they fail at something so they slap an impossible label there 2 justify their failure instead of admitting there might b something they can't do...they're so self-centered they'd rather do tht so people r less likely 2 try and prove it's possible and tht person just couldn't do it....” I sigh softly. Humans r so predictable...

“makes sense I suppose...” after tht it was a bunch of health questions and I was done. I walked out as Cy walked out of another room and we walk off 2gether down the hall ways.

The next day we're standing in Roy's office and he's got this grin... “u both passed the interview, 2day is the skills test. Good luck.”

“thank u teacher.” I smile bak.

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