State of Amestris: Roy Mustang PT: 1 Phase 4

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"YOU WON'T KEEP ME IN HERE LONG!!" Bradley yells.

"Oh, would you just shut up." I grumble, clearly annoyed, before clapping my hands and touching the metal ball, making it extra thick and making the inside melt, covering him with molten metal and making him scream.

"What'd you do to 'im?" James asks as we leave.

"Melted the inner layer of steal and covered him with it so now he's basically encased in a steal statue..."

"How'd you do that without fire...?"

"All you have to do to make metal melt is excite the particles to a point where they separate from each other enough that it becomes a liquid. Most use fire to do that but a skilled alchemist can do it without fire simply by making the particles move around a lot. The movement causes friction which causes heat. Smooth sailing from there."

"Right...." James looks slightly confused but doesn't say anything. "What are we gunna do with him?" he asks, glancing back at the mess we'd made.

"I dunno...I have a feeling he's not gunna want to join us. Nothing in it for him." I reply absently, sealing off the chamber as well as we leave. "Speaking of fire, I need to check in with Mustang...." I mutter, pulling out the walky talky and pushing the button. "Mustang?"

"Speaking." he replies simply.

"No, you're signing." Was my 1st sarcastic thought, which I barely bit back. "Bradley is taken care of."


"Nope, just a statue." I reply. "The plan was to keep him alive, was it not?"

"Good...what do u mean a statue...?"

"He's covered in metal." I shrug.

" anyways..."

"I'm on my way to join my sister and we're gonna head up. Is everyone all ready?"

"Yes. Central is almost under control, we need the rest of the country."

"Roger that, we can split up and calm the chaos."

"Good idea. How long do you think it'll take for it to happen?"

"Depends on how many people in a group." I reply as all of us group together in HQ again. There's me, James, Cylon, Dylan, Ed, Ling, Mai, Lenora, Lora, Ax, and Jacy that we have in HQ now. The rest don't even know about the place...which we did for a reason. The others are Mustang and Hawkeye's team, Dylan's old team of the chimeras, Edward and Al and Scar joined in to, along with a bunch of other Ishvallins that were left. That and a few other random peoples, not to mention Van Hohenheim on our side, much to Edward's dislike. He's only working with him because he decided to put Amestris before his hatred for now, and now we have most of the country and military on our side. "Or, I have a better could just say over the radio that someone new will be chosen to take charge. The riots will calm a bit when you tell them what you plan to do."

"Right...because I have that all planned out..." Mustang mutters as we all walk out into Central.

"Just speak..."

"And say what...?"

"Ommigod, Mustang...listen to me don't have to have a speech planned out for it to work just like when someone speaks and they aren't always saying anything....if you speak from the heart rather then the mind it's always pure. People sense that and they can tell it's real."


I sigh. "Mustang...just say what you feel needs to be done and don't script it because it'll sound fake..."

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