Remembrance and Research=Aquosea Stone

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Part 3 starts when we turned 15, 2 years after we left and joined the animals. We'd made our own auto-mail to replace the arm and leg we both lost and we'd used our old memories to cover them with human skin that could easily be peeled away for maintenance and such. The skin we covered them with has no nerves so we don't feel anything happening on them but they look more human then simple auto-mail so, you know...less people staring at us. After that we heard from somewhere that there was a way to get our bodies back...and we went after it.

The Philosopher's Stone...we also heard there were 2 alchemists searching for it already....Ed and Al. We went after them to see what they knew...and they told us something we didn't want to's made with human souls...and we knew we could never use that to get our bodies back. So, we went to study Alchahistory in Xing.

After learning all we could on that subject...slowly all our memories came back from the actual gateway itself...and we started using all we knew to start a new project that uses Chi instead of souls...

6 months of trial and failure later we finally came up with something...a blue crystal that ran on Chi and didn't require human souls to keep working...

The Aquosea looks like a constantly swirling piece taken from the ocean...100s of shades can be seen at any 1 time looking into the crystal. However, at this point we'd grown sorda fond of our auto-mail...then we remembered what Ed and Al said...about Humunculi...and them having stones at their cores. We then started to wonder if we could change that...and that, my friends, is where the next story will start.

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