State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 1: Cocky

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~Told By Joss

"What way does a tree fall?" I ask simply.

"What a stupid question from a stupid child. A tree falls down." Bradley scowls.

"Wrong..." I say, looking at him.


"A tree falls the direction it leans." I reply evenly, un-phased. "You should have been more careful...of the direction you's a simple matter. 1 day you'll have to face the truth you've set for yourself...the seeds you've planted will grow." I turn and start to walk away, then turn back and look at him. He seems befuddled. After all...we were just fighting. "Will you be able to withstand the force they create when they do? ...You know, heavy is the head that wares the crown hu, yer majesty?" and I turn and walk away.

A wise Xingese prince turned humunculus once told Bradley a king was nothing without his people. A king should put his people before himself...and, while anyone in charge has to know that sometimes you have to sent people to war...they should always pray that they don't ever have to...Little did the arrogant king know just how much this information was true...they say what you reap is what you sow...and so it goes that where you plant your needs...well, that's where your garden I suppose that's all the prologue that's needed for this story...

This is a very simple story...but yet it took months to plan out. We all planned on running out our so called king...I want you to pay close attention to me. If there's anything I hate it's repeating myself...

We set up a way to make it seem as if Bradley had fallen to his death. It was fairly easy seeing as most of the alchemists decided 2 join into this after finding out everything that he'd done on purpose...

Martel told the truth about Ishval...while it's true James was suppose to start it with a to speak...that's just the place everyone chose to start the story. The real story is that the Special Opp.s team was sent in to start the uprising...she told us everything. After that me, Cylon, Edward, Al, Mustang and all of his crew decided it was time to remove him from power.

Because Bradley was quickly questioning what was happening he tried to separate all of Mustang's gang...what he didn't know is that we were working with him too and we're pretty good at making sure messages get through...and we were expecting this. It actually made things go quicker.

At this point, all we had on our team was Lora, Dylan, Ed and Lenora. Only 4...but that would soon change...and soon we'd gain Ax, Jacy, and then James.

Making it seem like Bradley fell to a fiery death was easy, like I said. We simply had to get him out. Since he was already thinking the alchemists were up to something he wanted to keep an eye on them so that was simple. He came out to watch the alchemists renew their "license" so to speak. When he left on the train all we had to do was make the bridge and, by extension, the train he was on, explode. It seemed like a job for Kimblee to do...unknowingly, of course. Yeah, we could have done it ourselves but if Kimblee did it then they would no longer trust him and then they wouldn't have him working for it'd be 1 less to speak...

How, you may wonder, did we get Kimblee to do it? Well...we threw some rocks at him..some really big rocks at him...and called him names...since they don't know we even exist (which is odd since we were born in central. I suppose since no one knew my real name it actually helped...) they wouldn't know we were working with Mustang...and with a name like Kimblee...well...

"KIMMY KIMMY KIMMY!!" We call tauntingly, throwing things at them.

"KIMBLEE!!!" he snaps, glaring at us.

"Sir...they're just kids trying to..." 1 of his men starts.

"I know..." he re-gains his composer quickly around his men.

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