Fire and Flame: PT 2 The King and His Pupils

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So after tht, we started learning under the king. How many people can say tht...?

“1st, I wanna c how big a flame u can control.” Mustang says. “make the absolute biggest flame u can control.”

“right...erm...” I stammer....this is sad. Fire is the only thing my sister can control better then me. Tht and lightning only minus the voltage. I make as big a fire I can control which is about the size of a small car. It's in the shape of a rose 2 prove I have complete control over it.

“my turn.” Cylon snaps her fingers and makes a fire about the size of a large car and a half. Her's is shaped like a dolphin jumping thro a hoop....leave it 2 my sister 2 make a sea creature from flames...

“ok...can I ask a question...?” Mustang says as he looks at the flames.

“yeah, sure...” I shrug.

“how did u start making shapes from the flames?”

“oh, well we were sorda...making a living from the streets 4 a while. Any flame picture u look at u can usually find some sort of shape or outline...” I start.

“put simply, it's like sculpting.” Cylon says b4 I can make it more complex than it is....i have a tenancy 2 do tht....

“how so?”

“well, sculptors usually have an image in their head when they start. whatever they're sculpting, whether wood or stone, they cut away everything that's not tht image.” Cylon replies.

“and tht's exactly what we do.” I finish.

“hm....i guess since i've only ever used flames 4 fighting i'd have never thought 2 make anything from them...”

“street performers have 2 do things different then the average person would think possible. It's the only way 2 get people 2 give things we need.”

“u mean money?” Mustang laughs.

“not always.” Cylon replies.

“yeah, the 1 time we needed food and we didn't have enough we went 2 a restaurant and pulled people in 4 the manager. People wanted 2 watch us and since we were in the place they ended up buying things because they'd get hungry or whatever. They made more money tht day then any day b4 and they gave us a free meal.” I shrug.

“and then sometimes we just help lots on people and some1 gives us a place 2 stay or whatever.” Cylon adds.

“then we got older and found a permanent place.”

“the underground HQ?” he replies.

“yeah, we made it not only our lab but our home as well.” Cylon replies.

“some1 once said tht home is where u make it.” I shrug. “it's also where the heart is...supposedly anyways.”

“home is where u make it. U like 2 c hobos naked...? NO! No, dude, it's fine. 2 each his own.” Cylon says her fav. part of a movie she loved and I sigh.

“Cylon...i already told u tht's creepy...”

“it's not creepy, it's funny!”

“yeah...when there's more then 1 person...”


“hu?” we both say at the same time, looking at him.

“...tht's what's creepy....”

“yeah well....” we both say.


“ok.” we both reply. he facepalms.

“trust e, we've tried.” I reply.

“we just sorda got used 2 it...” Cylon adds.

“i don't think i'd ever b able 2 get used 2 it...”

“well it happened all the time on the other side 2 so...2 lifetimes and u get used 2 things...” I reply.

“oh rlly....we'll pretend tht's not completely weird and move on....” Mustang mutters absently. “did u guys have a teach b4 me?” he asks suddenly.

“self taught, mostly...” I reply

“tho there was the couple of years Izumi was teaching us...” Cylon adds.

“teaching or beating....i remember both...”

“yes, but the shock on her face when we transmuted without a circle was priceless.”

“tru tru...and when we explained perfectly what 'all is one and one is all' 2.”

“she was shocked and said most children can't do the things tht we do, then proceeded 2 beat us 4 seeing the truth....”

“yes well...she seems 2 have an outlandish way of teaching, tht's 4 sure....”

“Izumi....where have I heard tht name b4...” Mustang ponders

“probably the Elrics....” Cy replies

“yeah....half-metal bean sprout had the same teacher...”

“y r u so mean 2 him?” Cy asks

“i'm mean because i'm honest...?”

“no, ur mean in how u say it!”

“well vertically challenged doesn't sound any better...”

“just say short...”

“tht's 2 obvious!”

“would u 2 kindly stop arguing?!” Mustang glares at us both. “geez...what have I gotten myself in2...?”

“we're sorry...” we both say at the same time, looking at him cutely. Despite our being 16 we still can pull off the cute faces of 7 or 8 year old...

he sighs. “ do u even do tht...?” he whispers 2 himself. “it's fine...”

“YAY!!” we cheer. he....facepalms...

“u 2 act like children...”


“now sis...”

Roy laughs “NOW I kno y they say ur similar 2 Fullmetal.”


“yeah....she's bananas....” Cy shrugs. I glare at her “but, u kno, she's CHERRY sweet once u get past her anger problem. It's only when u call her a kid or a child...or something like tht...”

“ri~ight...” he looks between the 2 of us. “so's lime u learn...” he shakes his head slightly, realizing what he said. “IT'S TIME U LEARN SOMETHING!”

“whoa...over-corrective....” I look at him. “we're gonna have a grape time...”

“and we will get u 2 play along berry soon.”

“yes, and not think it's acai.”

“i have a feeling i'm going 2 re-grape taking u 2 as apprentices....” Roy sighs, then gets wide-eyed as he realizes what he said and he opens his mouth 2 correct himself.

“man-go along with it.” I interrupt b4 he can change his his mind.

“yeah, it won't b the last straw-berry fun 2 play along with us, Roy.”

“whatever...plum on, we're going...” he sighs, walking away. We follow and suddenly he stops, again realizing what he said. “U 2 R RUBBING OFF ON ME ALREADY!!”

“we have that affect.” we both reply.

After a few months we'd taught him a few things and he'd taught us what we needed 2 kno...from there it was all up 2 us, he said. He would not conduct the test, interview, or skills exam because it would b biased. He said he'd leave tht 2 the people who normally do it.

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