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Edward Elric x Reader One-Shots by LilDoodleCat
Edward Elric x Reader One-Shotsby Jay
A casual collection of xreader's/reader inserts, you know the drill. This was my first book ever so apologies for the bad writing and structure in the earlier chapters :...
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Alchemy:  Magic vs Science by Unsung-Knight
Alchemy: Magic vs Scienceby Unsung-Knight
Magic and Science, are they the same or are they completely different? It just takes one person to point out all up and downs. Along with breaking the stereotypes that c...
  • edwardelric
  • hp
  • harrypotter
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Mirror Twins of Truth (Book 1 of the Fullmetal Alchemist Mirror Chronicles!) by Flaming_Rose24
Mirror Twins of Truth (Book 1 of I'm a piece of shit but I gue...
**DISCLAIMER** I do not in any way own Fullmetal Alchemist. I only own my own created characters, Ellie and Eli. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Identical twin...
  • alphonse
  • truth
  • fullmetalalchemist
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Fallmetal Alchemist fanfics, onseshot, twoshots, lemons etc... by ForeverADragon101
Fallmetal Alchemist fanfics, #ForeverTrainingDragons
Fallmetal Alchamist fanfics, onseshot, twoshots, lemons etc... requests are open.
  • fma
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  • fmab
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Living In The Light (a FullMetal Alchemist sequel) by saturnthehero
Living In The Light (a FullMetal Lila Greenwood
~Sequel to Hiding In The Shadows.~ Scarlett Reems has died. Five feet under the dirt. DEAD! But when she talks face to face with the Truth, she finds that it has given h...
  • alphonse
  • fmab
  • fanfiction
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My Heart Beats For You [Edward Elric X Reader] by mamab0zz
My Heart Beats For You [Edward hi cutie 💗
From the moment you were born, you were loved unconditionally. Your mother - the one who loved you and stood by you since day one. Your father - a studying state alchemi...
  • fma
  • weeaboo
  • fmab
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Our Alchemic Reaction {Edward Elric X Reader} by Endless_Moments_
Our Alchemic Reaction {Edward JamlessMochi95
**COMPLETE** Y/n L/n. The girl with so many mistakes. She's been through so much pain and suffering. She's been through so much that she's not herself anymore. Not the...
  • romance
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  • wattys2017
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In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader) by smolbeanjenna
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x ♡ Jenna ♡
You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Rese...
  • comedy
  • fullmetalalchemist
  • romance
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FMAB Characters X Reader One Shots by Namkachu-Jukebox
FMAB Characters X Reader One Shotsby ~ 사무엘 ~
The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters x Reader one shots. I will take requests for boys and girls! Have fun :3 Highest Ranking- #29 of 3.22k for xReader
  • fullmetalalchemist
  • xreader
  • oocness
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Run Away  by Hanji_Zoe_Trash
Run Away by Aliy the penguin
In a world where Edward and Winry are a homunculus. Winry lives off the grid while Edward decides to work for the military while hiding his identity of being a homunculu...
  • edwin
  • love
  • fighting
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Burned (a Roy x Ed fanfiction) by Flame-Alchemist
Burned (a Roy x Ed fanfiction)by Ciel Michaelis
  • fmab
  • roy
  • edward
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[FMAB] Butterfly Effect by Magestorrow
[FMAB] Butterfly Effectby 💫 Mage 💫
Countless years ago, the homunculi noticed that their father was not a good person. A meeting was held, and it was decided that they would each go their separate ways to...
  • wrath
  • sloth
  • fmab
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Same, But Different (A Fullmetal Alchemist fan-fic) by HalfmetalAlchemist
Same, But Different (A Fullmetal Alchy
Amestris isn't as clean as everyone thinks it was. Although they are aware of the sketchy past, more secrets are bound to be dug up when an "accidental" forbi...
  • elric
  • fullmetalalchemist
  • edwardelric
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metal heart║edward elric x reader [fullmetal alchemist] by icarusalchemist
metal heart║edward elric x love, ica
"I'm the Mechanical Alchemist," you said with a smile. "Oh, and by the way, I'm just as old as you are, not to mention taller and able to kick your butt...
  • alchemy
  • manga
  • mechanical
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Forbidden (a Royai Fanfic) by FullMetal_SkittleZ
Forbidden (a Royai Fanfic)by Supreme Overlord
~Forbidden (a Royai Fanfic)~ *this takes place after the end of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood* After the defeat of Father, Roy Mustang takes the task of getting Cent...
  • mystery
  • riza
  • rogue
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Edward is a voice actor Royed (Completed)  by anima_lover22
Edward is a voice actor Royed ( Anime lover
After the fight with father Roy falls in love with Edward but he can't tell him and Edward can't use alchemy so he gets a job as a voice actor named Vic mignogna and Roy...
  • fullmetalalchemist
  • fmab
  • royed
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Dream Come True (Envy x Reader) by Envy_theJealous
Dream Come True (Envy x Reader)by Envy_theJealous
Sequel to I Couldn't Let You Die. Okay, description time: It has been a few months since Father was stopped and you had started dating Envy. You've just returned from yo...
  • fma
  • fullmetalalchemist
  • fmab
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Edward Elric x reader by MikasaSummer
Edward Elric x readerby MikasaSummer
A book of one shots featuring you and the famous Fullmetal alchemist, Edward Elric. Sorry for slow updates and currently taking requests.
  • fmab
  • fam
  • fanfiction
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Golden || Edward Elric X Reader One-Shots  by X_Savvy_X
Golden || Edward Elric X Reader Savannah Cross
"Now get married" ----- "Ed fucked everything up" ----- "Remind me" ----- "In your dreams" ----- "I love you" ----- ...
  • fullmetalchemistbrotherhood
  • oneshotcollection
  • fullmetal
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To Love Your Omega (Roy/Ed Alpha/Omega dynamic) by HeartOfFullmetal
To Love Your Omega (Roy/Ed Alpha/ Iuri
A oneshot I made. (That is actually going to be a story now so yeah XD) Ed is in heat and Roy ends up walking un on him. Roy, who is an alpha, is tempted by Ed, who is a...
  • alphaomega
  • shonenai
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