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Alchemy:  Magic vs Science by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Magic vs Scienceby A-Marlene-S
Magic and Science, are they the same or are they completely different? It just takes one person to point out all up and downs. Along with breaking the stereotypes that c...
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Avengers Crossover) by realmwalkerdragon
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Kora
'Ordinary', was not exactly the word Tony would use to describe the avengers. Far from it. No, between norse gods, walking science miracles, assassins, and more, the Ave...
Fixing Heart [Edwin FMA]  by _Rotten_candy
Fixing Heart [Edwin FMA] by 🕸️Rotten Candy🕸️
It's been two years since Edward said those confusing words about equivalent exchange that looked like a proposal to Winry. But It's also been two years since she haven...
My Heart Beats For You [Edward Elric X Reader] by mamab0zz
My Heart Beats For You [Edward hi cutie 💗
From the moment you were born, you were loved unconditionally. Your mother - the one who loved you and stood by you since day one. Your father - a studying state alchemi...
The Fullheroic Alchemist by PresidentThanos
The Fullheroic Alchemistby Big Thonk
It had been thousands of years since the Elric brothers had saved Amestris and the world from Father. That Era of history had been long forgotten and alongside it, the k...
My Past (Alphonse X reader) by Clau849
My Past (Alphonse X reader)by Clau849
My past is my worst enemy. I will learn to forget, someone will save me, it's not like I haven't been saved before. Run again, hide again, feel the pain again. Why do th...
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader) by smolbeanjenna
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x ♡ Jenna ♡
You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Rese...
Eternity | Edward Elric x Reader by _Aelin_
Eternity | Edward Elric x Readerby Aelin
(Y/n) was just your average girl who sought to quench her thirst for excitement in the boring life she led. After all, in the small town of Fleurville, rarely did such e...
Turning Tides by PenguinKiwi
Turning Tidesby Penguin
The Kimblee who left prison is not the same Kimblee that went in. Unfortunately for the Homunculi, he's a great actor. Fortunately for the rest of Amestris, he's decided...
FMAB Characters X Reader One Shots by KickBoxBanana
FMAB Characters X Reader One Shotsby kickboxbanana
The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters x Reader one shots. I will take requests for boys and girls! Have fun :3 Highest Ranking- #29 of 3.22k for xReader #20 for...
The Dead Don't Come Back (Pride!Ed) by DA_CHEESE
The Dead Don't Come Back (Pride!Ed)by Nicole
Edward wakes up on a train with no clue how he got there. Alphonse is deeply depressed after the death of his brother. Roy has to kill the homunculi, but doesn't see...
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric X Reader} by forever_content
The Empath Alchemist {Edward alex
(Y/n) Mustang, one of the youngest state alchemists and the adopted daughter of the Colonel, discovers that her empathy is much more powerful than anyone around her coul...
ENVY X READER by EnvyTheJealous27
ENVY X READERby EnvyTheJealous
(Y/N) is glass alchemist and she commited greatest sin of alchemy- human transmutation. She is also cousin of Elric brothers. Her life wasn't exactly bright and interest...
24 minutes ; WITHIN PERSPECTIVES I by avery_aldini
24 minutes ; WITHIN PERSPECTIVES Iby —· `エイブリィ`
24分 | BOOK I of SERIES I | "Watching their own anime, all 20 series!" Inside a labyrinthine library exist the souls of the many many writers. These writers mus...
Here, there and everywhere. [Anime X Reader One Shots] by FrozenBloodline
Here, there and everywhere. [ FrozenBloodline
Hello! So basically I am writing one shots for anime that I watch so this following list will increase in size; •Fairy Tail (Up to 216/Ep46 of 2014).✔️ •Black Butler (S1...
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X Reader)  by MayaNotMia
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X MayaNotMia
(Y/N) is a thief, plain and simple. running around with one real limb, stealing what she can find and trying not to die. One day, two alchemists, Edward and Alphonse Elr...
90 seconds ; WITHIN PERSPECTIVES II by avery_aldini
90 seconds ; WITHIN PERSPECTIVES IIby —· `エイブリィ`
90秒 | | BOOK II of SERIES II | "So how about we go watch a musical track of pretty good anime openings?" Eve snapped her fingers and the entire cinema was crow...
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC fanfiction) by Hologram09
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC A
Ouran Academy is running as usual, until a strange new scholarship student comes along. One with golden hair and eyes, and an automail arm and leg...
Colonel: Mustang x OC (FMAB) by OwOSeNpAiiii
Colonel: Mustang x OC (FMAB)by Len 🌙
˜"*°• An unfortunate encounter with the Homonculi left Luna shattered, her time in their fortress could never be forgotten, they were the ones who had changed her i...
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Dearest Darling [Greedling x Reader] by sweeven_2
Dearest Darling [Greedling x 💀
While in the amidst of her travels, [Name] bumps into the man she harbored utter hatred for: her ex, Ling Yao. Blinded by her hatred towards the man, as soon as she sees...