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Alchemy:  Magic vs Science by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Magic vs Scienceby A-Marlene-S
Magic and Science, are they the same or are they completely different? It just takes one person to point out all up and downs. Along with breaking the stereotypes that c...
Alchemy:  Tiny Steps by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Tiny Stepsby A-Marlene-S
Part two of the Alchemy: Magic Vs Science. Politics. Either you love it, hate it or you live it. For Alchemy Teacher Edward Elric, he lives it, hates it and loves it whe...
Royai - AU HOLLYWOOD by HersheyPony
Royai - AU HOLLYWOODby Jade
Riza Hawkeye: also known as Elaine Waters, Scarlet Winter, Aubrey Casen, Captain Kline... etc. the list of movie and TV show characters Riza had portrayed went on and o...
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric X Reader} by forever_content
The Empath Alchemist {Edward alex
(Y/n) Mustang, one of the youngest state alchemists and the adopted daughter of the Colonel, discovers that her empathy is much more powerful than anyone around her coul...
ENVY x Reader  (COMPLETE) by EnvyTheJealous27
ENVY x Reader (COMPLETE)by EnvyTheJealous
Hi guys. I was trying to find some good Envy x reader but all i found were stories which are no longer updated or weird ones. Even some good are no more updating. So i d...
[FMAB] Butterfly Effect by Magestorrow
[FMAB] Butterfly Effectby 💫 Mage 💫
Countless years ago, the homunculi noticed that their father was not a good person. A meeting was held, and it was decided that they would each go their separate ways to...
The Horror From Beyond The Gate (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fan fic) by gingerfancy
The Horror From Beyond The Gate ( gingerfancy
It has been eight years since we left our heroes. Ed is married to Winry and is on a break from his alchemiy research in the East and Al is back from the west. Roy and R...
A Heart Made Fullmetal (Edwardxreader) by -Saeyoung-
A Heart Made Fullmetal ( -Saeyoung-
Y/N L/N grew up in Resembool where she was childhood friends with the Elric brothers, although she had a very close bond with the older brother Edward Elric. Unfortunate...
Stand by You by khgirl678
Stand by Youby ㅤ
Alchemy is the understanding the structure of matter, decomposing it, and then reconstructing it into something new. There is only one law to abide by with alchemy-equil...
The Alchemist Hero by B0bbyB0bbingt0n
The Alchemist Heroby KatsukiMustang
Alchemy, the science of deconstruction and reconstruction is a perfect example of what happened to Izuku Yagi's life when it did a 180 as he was declared quirkless. His...
My Past (Alphonse X reader) by Clau849
My Past (Alphonse X reader)by Clau849
My past is my worst enemy. I will learn to forget, someone will save me, it's not like I haven't been saved before. Run again, hide again, feel the pain again. Why do th...
Envy x villain reader - in this story you are criminal. What will happen with your life when you meet a certain homunculus? And what led you to life of criminal? Read st...
The Water Alchemist (Greed X Oc) by rara1026
The Water Alchemist (Greed X Oc)by Rara
Jeanie Curtis, the adoptive daughter of Izumi and Sid Curtis, has been a troublesome teenager with Izumi at her wit's end. Jeanie has been caught stealing and fighting...
Un poder heredado por siglos desde "Padre" y ahora a un peliverde es el siguiente pero tiene un cordura
I Couldn't Let You Die by Envy_theJealous
I Couldn't Let You Dieby Envy_theJealous
An Envy x Reader short story {Complete}
Just Believe Me by HeartOfFullmetal
Just Believe Meby J
When Edward Elric tries to tell his boyfriend, Roy Mustang that he's pregnant, Roy thinks it's all a bad joke. Though after that, Ed leaves Roy disappearing from his lif...
The Mute Alchemist of Metropolis  by JacobHolder2
The Mute Alchemist of Metropolis by Jacob Holder
Mankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. In those days, I believed that to be the world's...
After Journeys End: A Royai Fanfiction by IngeniumVatum
After Journeys End: A Royai Meeee
After the battle on the Promised Day, Fuhrer Grummand realizes what needs to be done. Colonel Roy Mustang and First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye become General Roy Mustang an...
Stuck in : Fullmetal Alchemist by All_in_Art
Stuck in : Fullmetal Alchemistby All in Art
Jane is an otaku, like you and me. But one peaceful day, she... Falls in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. How is she going to come out? Can she die in this world too? B...
Burnout by soccer_wolf13
Burnoutby Sophrazzled
Riza Hawkeye has been loyal to her Colonel since he was her fathers apprentice. Though both have feelings for each other, neither of them is brave enough to admit it. O...