Fire and Flame: PT 1 Finding a Teacher

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~Told by Joss

a new story....u c, we figured if some1 like Ed could get a state license so could we. Not even a possibility b4 with Bradley, but now tht Mustang is running things, well...who knos?

“we wanna get out state license.” I reply 2 Mustang when he asks y we're there.

“well, do u now?” he laughs and gives tht smile tht, b4 I met James, would have made my heart skip a beat. Not anymore, I'm happy 2 say. “u kno I won't just give it 2 u even after u helped out, rite?”

“we kno.” we say at the same time.

“we only have 1 request.” I say.


“if u take 1 of us, u have 2 take us both or at least give the other the same access 2 things.” Cylon replies.

“right. We always work better as a team.” I nod.

“and some1 has 2 make sure she doesn't go off on some1.” Cylon adds.

“yeah, and tht u don't git lost.” I retort. Mustang laughs again.

“u 2 will never b mistaken as anything other then sisters. I can make sure tht u 2 get the same access 2 things. Tell me, what type of alchemy do u 2 work best in anyways?”


“well so ur teacher can b chosen” Hawkeye says as she walks in.

“oh, we do mostly elemental alchemy...”

“like earth?” Hawkeye asks. About then Alex walks in and stops almost in the doorway.

“well tht'd b an element so yes....i'm best with air, earth and plant alchemy.” I reply.

“and me? I'm fire and water mostly.” Cylon says b4 I can stop her. And now...i'm rlly glad I didn't...the look on Mustang and Hawkeye's face was priceless...

“fl...flame alchemy...?” Mustang stammers.

“Impossible.” Hawkeye replies “all the documents pertaining 2 flame alchemy were destroyed.”

“it's tru.” Olivier says, pushing her way in behind Alex.

“we saw them with our own eyes.” Alex nods. “such a splendid work of art!”

“yeah yeah...shut up, brother.” Olivier rolls her eyes.

“well I suppose if 2 of our most trusted people say...” Hawkeye starts.

“prove it.” Mustang says, calming down quickly.

“o...ok...” I stammer slightly, confused. Then I remember he's the type tht doesn't believe until he sees it. “right.” I nod. “sis...control urself...”

“Joss, I may not have as much control as u but I do have control.” she retorts, snapping her fingers and making a small dragon from flame with the spark from the spark glove. “c!?”

“fine, sis....i believe u. now, wut-do-ya say we add something?”

“right.” she makes it wrap around her arm so it looks like it's part of it and makes it shoot a small lightning ball after it opens it's mouth. I catch the ball and throw it bak at the dragon, which she makes appere 2 explode on impact. In reality she absorbed both the fire and the lightning.

“catch.” I snap my fingers and make a fire ball and throw it at her.

“whoa!” she barely catches it. “i got it!”

“good job.” we finally get out of our little world and look around, noticing tht every1 is staring at us, bug-eyed. “um....ta-da...?” I say awkwardly.

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