The Other Side

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~story as told by Joss

Our whole story long ago. Actually, I intend to tell it in 4 parts. This is part's sorda a prologue to the big middle but just as needed for our story to make any sense at all. I suppose you could say we weren't born on this side of the gate...we're not from this world, we were born of another. Every coin has 2 sides...and every cloud can be dark and gray. We came from the place where the energy for the alchemy we use here comes from.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? Such an odd...odd story...and most of you won't believe it. but to those few who will, I say thank you...and now you understand. To those who won't or can't, I'd feel lucky...because sometimes ignorance is better then knowledge.

Now, shall we start? On the other side of the gate we were doctors...scientists...and some of the top. We were working in the field of growing human body parts, mostly organs and limbs, sometimes even using 3D printers to make them. We were also studying how to preserve them.

Science and technology, there, replaces alchemy from here. Although at 1 time alchemy was thought to work on that side. The idea was abandon after many failed attempts but it's always fascinated us and, for someone artistic like me, sparked my imagination. I was in a constant state of sketching circles and symbols when I was little and it was the 1st science that ever caught my attention. You might say it was my introduction and my inspiration. It's also why I chose the path I did...because it was like alchemy, in a way, only it's expanding skin and growing cells instead of transmutation. But creating a function from something was such a good feeling, even if it couldn't be alive without being attached to something already living. I actually met Cylon (at the time, Professor Camren) when she was working in the lab as an assistant of mine and I soon found out we had an awful lot in common. We were both fascinated with alchemy and we both started working in our field because of it.

Perhaps it was this constant obsession that ended us here...on this side. Something happened, that's for sure...we were killed after we found out that it is, in fact, possible to make what they call on that side "Test Tube Babies" or "Designer Babies." Babies with manipulated gene structures so that everything from gender to skin tone is as the parents want it. A little baby girl with pale skin, blue eyes, red hair? No problem, we could do it...and it's what got us killed by some purest who thought we were playing God. I suppose, in a way, we were. We had also grown complete organs for transplants and made enough skin to cover a full grown human male who had burns on 95% of his body...but apparently this person who killed us just sorda...forgot...about all the good we'd done...because the only thing we couldn't grow is bone...and we almost had that. If we'd had a few more years that, too, would have been possible. It was nearly finished.....and then it was taken from us....or so we thought.

The murderer only killed our bodies...which we gladly gave up because our minds and souls were still in tact. They were rushed through a blackness...filled with images we wouldn't have understood if it weren't for our childhood obsession...

Suddenly we were placed in foreign bodies...before they were born and before they had a soul attached to them...we were sisters, which is about how close we'd grown through the years of researching together. We were born into this world...on this side of the gate...into a world where our obsession was true. The only science and replaced most technology...and we understood what our world was fueling finally...after all these years...all the wars and needless violence...equivalent exchange was using that energy for this world's alchemy...

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