Envy and Envy...?

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We'd been hiding under central for a long time....Dylan (Greed), Ed (Gluttony), Lenora (Lust), Ax (Sloth -from Brotherhood-), Lora (Sloth), and Jacy (Wrath) had already joined us...when we heard a fight break out and just as suddenly as it started slow to a stop. I decided to be the 1 who went to check it out...but I stayed hidden for a while...watching through a small hole I made in the wall. Edward, Scar, Roy, and Hawkeye were all staring at a small lizard thing with purple eyes. It was crying and saying these things...that sounded just like things I would say...I heard it call itself Envy and just before he could kill himself I shot out and grabbed him and left back through the wall, covering it and knowing they wouldn't have a clue. Ed, Al, and the rest didn't know we'd been bringing back all of them. As soon as we got to the other side of the wall I sighed softly, leaning against it and gently running my fingers along Envy's back while he looked at me, confused.

"I...I knew it was only a matter of time...when I met with the 1 who personifies what everyone has called me for so long..." I hold him close to me and he stares at me, confused. I can tell he's trying to force back the tears. "it's...it's ok to cry..." I whisper, smiling at him gently. He needs no other invitation and eventually he gets enough strength back to turn into his normal form but he's still sobbing. I run my hand along his back soothingly until he eventually stops crying and looks at me with the same confusion as before.

"Why...why do you care...about me so much? I'm not human..."

"I think that's exactly why." I reply evenly, making the ground below us slowly start moving so we're slowly making our way to the underground HQ the rest of us made with Ax's help. It's moving so slow it's not even noticeable. "I have problems trusting humans...."

"So then why would you trust me....? I'm the personification of..."

"I know...the reasons you think would make me less likely to trust you are the exact reasons I do trust you. How can I not trust you...when everyone used to call me Envy?" I look at him honestly and he looks confused, then suddenly gets wide-eyed.

"You...no way...you can't be the same..." he stammers, looking at me closely. "you're...you're that girl...that dressed all in white...? That small, vulnerable, hurt little girl...." he mumbles, almost to himself.

"How do you...?" I start.

"Do you...by chance...remember the boy with dark blonde hair...the one that was only there for about a month..."

"Of course....how could I forget those green eyes...wait a minute...you're not telling me he was..."

"Yes...it was me...."

"No way..." I stare at him with wonder in my eyes.

He sighs "I never thought I'd run into you again...you see, Father heard that someone else was using the name Envy and was concerned...so he sent me there to find out as much as I could. I remember at 1st I was ticked that someone else was using my name...until I found out who it was..." he trails off slightly. "In order to get as much information as a could I ended up with a similar schedule and read the papers you had to do...I was surprised, you even signed your name as Envy...the teachers and students even called you that...it pissed me off more until I read the one...and I realized it was like reading my own thoughts...from someone else...except I'd been pushing those thoughts away for so long...reading them and having them thrown back in my face...somehow finding a human that wished she wasn't human...and having been trying to find a way to become human for so long...it was the 1st and only time other then today that I'd actually cried...."

"Are you saying I earned the right to be called Envy as well?" I ask, looking up at him with a grin. He laughs slightly.

"I suppose that's 1 way to say it. I never thought I'd see that girl again....and to think it'd end up being the same girl that made me cry so long ago who would save me..." He trails off and there's silence for a short while.

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