State of Amestris: Running Out Bradley PT 1: Cocky

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"KI~IMMY!!!" Cylon calls, making faces. I laugh.

"Wait, isn't his 1st name SOFTY or something like that?" I say 2 Cylon, but more in his direction. He glares at us again and clenches his fist, smashing the glass he was holding, his face slowly contorting to rage.

"I dunno, but he looks like a cockroach." Cylon shrugs. Looking at him again...he sorda does...just the way those 2 hairs hang down in his face...they look like antenna...

"THAT'S IT!!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET IT YOU FUCKIN' BRATS!!!" he snaps, taking off after us.

"You'll have to catch us 1st!" we both say at the same time, running. Clearly we have a speed and agility advantage. The Carbon-Fiber Steal alloy auto-mail we made is really light and he can't catch up...we know eventually he'll resort to alchemy.

"IS THAT A CHALLENGE YOU LITTLE BRATS!?!?" he yells and claps his hands together, then touches the rock walls and they crumble in front of us.

"Quick, sis, maneuver 6!" I call, seeing the way through. "Follow me!" and I take off and glide easily over the rocks, followed closely by my sister.

"Shall we add something?" Cylon asks.

"Sure. We might as well." I smirk. As we jump on another rock, we clap and then start punching the rock, sending metal and crystal shards at him. He seems shocked and distracted for a second...all we needed was to land a few hits. We laugh, high-5, and take off running after he gets up with new anger and chases us even faster.


"YOU STILL HAVEN'T CAUGHT US!!!" we remind him as the bridge comes into view. Perfect...we all know Kimblee doesn't care about the train that's on it's way as well...but what we didn't know is he wasn't alone...and soon we're running right into Wrath...and leaping over him to avoid plowing over him.

"well hello." he grins evilly. "and why are you tormenting Kimblee...?"

"Kimblee...?" Cylon asks as we slow to a stop under the bridge. The train isn't here yet, we need more time anyways... "Kimblee...Kimblee, Kimblee, Kimblee..." she taps her foot, acting completely confused.

"Kimmy." I reply, looking at her, grinning.

"oh, Cockroach Kimmy!" she acts like she just remembered...right about when Kimblee catches up.

"You know, you're being awfully cocky you little brat...." Kimblee growls, panting slightly.

"You say I'm cocky?" I look at him with mock surprised.

"Yeah...both of you." Wrath replies.

"But I always thought..." Cylon looks thoughtful

"It ain't braggin', mutha fucka..." I start, looking straight at Kimblee. "If ya can back it up. Don't you live by that, Kimmy?"

"Stop..." he growls, pissed. "!!!!" and he claps and shoots at us...just as the train is above us...and we're standing in front of the main post holding it up...and he's moving to fast to change direction...

"CYLON, UP!!" I say a split second b4 he reaches us. We both jump up and he grabs the post instead of us, sending pieces of metal everywhere...the shock-wave not only killed the bridge, but the train that had Bradley on it as was only him and his men, actually.

"YOU LITTLE..." Kimblee starts just before we both bounce off his back.

"JOSS!" Cylon looks at me.

"GOT 'IM!!" I reply, grabbing Wrath before he has a chance to complain and we take off nimbly through the falling metal, knowing Kimblee was capable of doing the same and probably not able to keep up with us...he's most likely going the other way anyways. His men are liable to be looking for him after the collapse of the bridge and the exploding train...

"HEY, LET ME DOWN!!" Wrath glares up at me.

"Trust me,'ll be happy I did this when it's all over..." I reply, smiling at him.

" do you know me...?"

"Of course I know you...Lora told me all about you."


" know her as...Sloth I believe...?"

"M-mommy?" he gets wide-eyed and stares at me as we get far away and finally stop and I let him down. "Mommy...but...but she's dead...."

"Is that what you think?" I look at him. "and who told you that...?"

"I...I watched her...she..."

"Fortunately for you humunculii death is a temporary state...right?" I smile warmly at him as Lora walks out and he stares for a while, and then runs to her.

"MOMMY!!!" he hugs her.

"Wrath..." she smiles and hugs him back.

"Mommy....I thought you..." he looks up at her. "Why...why is your mark blue...?"

"Wrath...I want you to listen closely...I want you to help mommy." she pulls out an Aquosea Stone. "I want your mark to be blue too..."

"But..but why...?"

"Because..." she sighs. "Because if your mark turns blue it means you're free....and you don't have to do what they want you to anymore..." about then suddenly Wrath gets wide-eyed and clutches her tighter.

"Mommy...why does it feels like someone's trying to make me..." he trails of, then grabs the blue swirling stone and eats it, just like he did so long ago with the Philosopher's Stones...he sighs softly after a while and I walk over slowly and touch his back, making the red stone come out, knowing the Aquosea Stone was connected...Wrath looks at me, then Cylon, and then Lora. "Why do I much better now...?"

"Because you're not under their control anymore." I smile at him.

"And now you get a new name to go along with the new freedom." Cylon adds.

"But I don't know any good names..."

"What about...Jacy?" Lora suggests.

"Jacy...yeah...I like that." Wrath smiles hugely...and from then on Wrath was now Jacy...and while we knew Bradley wasn't dead, he was hanging out somewhere (that's most likely literal) and phase 2 could begin.

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