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Hi there readers I know it's been a long time but I went to hawaii then i had my first week of school and since I'm a freshman I had to adjust but I'm back and this chapter maybe short but I'm sorry the story juices are running low


Abels POV

Blur. everything is a blur. I sat up slowly looking at my surroundings. Beer cans and vodka bottles are everywhere what happened?  oh yeah, I drank myself to sleep last night again. Ariel is gone and kaya was beheaded so i have nothing else in life so why live? Why go through the day wishing you weren't

Why constantly think of something that is no more and why see sunlight when all you feel is darkness. But I have to Ariel wouldn't want to see me like this, she would tell me to out my head up high and do my duties then bust out laughing cause she just said the word duties.

I slowly stood up swaying a little but a few seconds later made my way to my bathroom.


I turned on the water and stepped in letting the warmness roll down my body. How long has it been? days?  weeks? months?  man how long have i been out of it..?

I got out the shower and got dressed now it's time to go through the most horrible thing I have to move through.. my life. Everything went by in a blur, countless meetings, speechs, and small talk with the people.  I glanced over and saw that the clock said 10:30 oh god when did it get late? I sigh slowly and run a hand down my face.

I look over to see a bottle of vodka. I pick it up and shake it hmm half empty so this'll put me right to sleep. I get up and walk outside towards the cliff that has the greatest view of the ocean. I let my eyes wash over the beauty, the way the stars look like someone carefully sprinkled them in the night sky and how the water had a steady and calming rhythm and also how the moon shone it's light on everything like it's god watching over all of us making sure we're alright.

I take another big swig and look down and see something red..Ariel? I shake my head and look again.. nothing

I swear I just saw Ariel. I look down again and she the red speck again. OH MY GOD ARIEL SHE'S ALIVE! why she in the water? oh no she's probably drowning!!

I take off my shirt and shoes still watching the red speck. I gulp down the last bit of vodka and think about Ariel in my arms again ahhh the best feeling ever just holding the person you love in your arms. Not looking at there face or kissing them or even talking, just feeling each other's warmth and love connected in a way that you think is impossible

I go to the edge and see the red speck again and yell "WAIT ARIEL IM COMING STAY RIGHT THERE" I take a deep breath and jump

It feels like flying.

Suddenly i hear and ear piercing crack and everything is black....

I awaken and I feel like I'm burning I open my eyes and hear screams of agony and people being burned alive there's the smell of melting skin and there's burnt skeletons everywhere people are clawing at the faces tearing the skin away and there are some creaters nibbling of the almost burnt people oh god where am I....

song for this chapter is

Stay The Night - by zedd

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