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Ariel's POV
Tears slowly slide down my face as I stare at the ashes in my hands. Only a second ago Abel was right in front of me and now he's more. How could this even happen? No! No! No! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS. THIS IS NOT THE END! There has to be a way to get him back, I mean if mermaids can exist I'm pretty sure I can resurrect Abel.

I take out the small pouch I carry around with me everywhere I go and carefully put Abel inside. I kiss the pouch and say with determination laced in my words "I'm gonna get you back." As I stand up and start to run I feel dizzy the air feels like its suffocating me its like someone has there hands wrapped around my throat. I start to see black spots oh god what's happening!? Then darkness.

Cold.... Hard.... Smelly...?

I strain to open my eyes and see that I'm on a cold hard floor. Where am I? I wonder, I push myself up and try to check my surroundings but was cut off by a dark chuckle. "Your eyes should be on me darling and not anywhere else." I twist around and see a huge thrown and sitting down in a black chair is a....well....I love you Abel but daaaaammmmnnnnn. He has grey eyes and half curly half wavey black hair, his teeth were perfectly straight and white, his jaw line looked like it could slice me in half...he was beautiful.

"W.w...who are you?" I ask, "I am the ruler of this realm the king the big dog the cham the-" "You are satan" I interrupt. "Yes..yes I am and I brought you here because first off you're alive..clearly and down here only dead are allowed and second you are trying to steal one of my dead, care to explain?"

I suck in a huge breath and spent what felt like 5 hours explaining from the beginning to now what's going on with Abel and I. When I finish I look up to see a stunned look on Satan's face, "WOW, seems like you've had it hard haven't you darlin" I nod my head yes not really liking the fact that he calls me darling (gagggg)

He gets off his thrown and walks over to me. He slowly lifts his hand to my face and rubs his thumb over my bottom lip. "Your determination, love, loyalty, and courage turns me on" he says with a smirk. Part of me wants to run away but my legs wouldn't move, he looks into my eyes and then smashes his lips into mine. I try to pish him back but he takes a fist full of my hair and tugs me closer. I feel him bite my lip lightly and when he pulls away I feel blood running down my lip and see some of it on his lip.

"Oh my hell that was good, I tasted your soul and may I say it was the best thing I've ever tasted." I hold back the tears threatening to spill because I hated being touched by someone other than Abel. I wipe off the blood on my lip and say "let's make a deal I will give you anything but please make a deal with me."

Satan lifts an eyebrow up and says "you'll give me ANYTHING?" I nod my head and repeat "anything" Satan then gives a full smile and says "okie dokie name what you want and I will give!"

"I want Abel" I say "I want him alive and to be sent back to earth so that we can finally be together" Satan snaps his fingers and Abel now stands before me. "Abel" I breathe out, he looks at me and shouts "Ariel!!!"

I run into his arms and he plants small kisses all over my face causing me to giggle. "I've missed you so much Ariel I always had hope that I would see you again" he says. Tears pour out of my eyes as I say "silly I will always find you no matter what happens"

"Let's go home" says Abel, I then nod and grab his hand I can't wait to start a new chapter with Abel. "Tisk tisk tisk" I hear. Oh god I forgot about Satan, I quickly turn around and say "satan thank you so so so so so much for bringing Abel back how do I repay you?"

Satan has that smirk on his face again and says "well darlin you said you'd give me anything and well I've decided that what I want is you." I take a step back in surprise and says "what?" "You heard me" says Satan "what I want is you, I've been down here for a very long time missy and I think its time for me to have a queen and I want that queen to be you"

I look at Abel and he says "NO! I will never give her to anyone find another queen!" Satan then laughs and says "Oh abelly your so cute when you're angry but Ariel and I had a deal she said anything so I'm choosing her." Abel's eyes start to get glossy "not her anything but her" Abel breathes out slowly.

Satan then turns to me and says "Ariel you either say yes and stay with me or Abel goes right back to being dust."

Abel's POV
I watch as Ariel slowly slides her hand our of mine. She's not seriously doing this is she? "Ariel" I say as I grab her hand again. She yanks her hand back and slowly walks over to Satan. "Ariel!" I say "DONT DO THIS PLEASE I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU!"

Ariel turns around and I see the tears streaming down her face she opens her mouth but no words come out; "Baby please don't do this..." I choke out. Ariel then says in a cracked voice "Abel listen to me and and listen to me good. I love you, I love you more than life itself you showed me that being a human is amazing because of love and although it can be hard it can also be beautiful. I will never love anyone else ever again you are my one and only my other half my soul mate. But I have need to give you your best shot a shot at living again and dying at the right time and well this isn't your time. So live life and fall in love again just remember I will always love you no matter what."

She then looks at Satan and says "yes"

Those and a snap of his fingers are the last things I hear before a white light blinds me...

Satan's pic is in the beginning and to be honest I'm digging Satan a lot

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