No Return

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I opened my eyes slowly to see a crying abel. He was yelling something in the other direction but i couldn't make it out, all i could feel is pain all over my body and I just wanted it to go away and be with abel.

I lifted up my hand stroked his cheek. his eyes snapped to me and relief covered his face. He did a small smile and kissed my hand saying my name over and over oh how the butterflies erupt in my stomach when he says my name.

I felt myself about to slip out of conciseness but wanted to say something so that when i wake up we can do it. "Abel when i get better i want to see the stars" he kissed my forehead while saying "we will definitely go see the stars Ariel and we can have a picnic."

"what's a picnic?" I asked. "it's when you go somewhere with a loved one and you eat privately with them just enjoying each others company"  I smiled at thought of me and abel trying to throw grapes in each other's mouths but failing.

"I would like that abel I want to go everywhere with you because I love you"   he sniffed and said "I'll take you around the world and back Ariel" I felt really weird so i closed my eyes to sleep I can't wait for the picnic...

When i came to i was in a meado..wait how'd I get here? "it's beautiful isn't it" I heard the most gentle voice say. I quickly turned around to find a beautiful women with white long hair that reached her stomach with violate eyes. "yes its beautiful can you tell me where it is so me and abel can come" I said while taking the view in

"it's called the in between" I thought how weird to name something so beautiful an in between. The women placed her hand on my shoulder and said "are you ready to go Ariel?." "yes but where i don't see the castle anywhere"

"oh no child" she said, "you don't know" she gently took my hand and led me to a white oval shaped door.. wait when did that get there. suddenly i am on the street wait i know this street i looked over to the side and saw Abel rocking back and forth. Wow its abel thank god "thank you for taking me back to abel bye" I went to go tap on his shoulder when i heard him mumbling.

then I heard him sobbing when i went out in front of him I!?  wait what but what no no I'm right here this doesn't make since "your body was left on earth but your soul travled here child" I turned around and felt the hot tears stain my cheeks "so..o.o..o I'm dead?"

the lady nodded and said I silent sorry

NO NO.NOOOO I can't dead what about our picnic the stars going to see the world NO NO NO IT'S NOT FAIR I LOVE HIM I WANT TO BE WITH HIM NOOOOO


"I'm afraid I can't do that your already dead child" I fell on my knees screaming why me why me. "it's time to go Ariel you can't stay here." I whipped my face and said "NO IM NOT GOING TO LEAVE HIM"

I rushed to his side and kissed his cheek "I'm right here I'm here abel I'll be with you always I'm right here" but he didn't move like I wasn't even there "I'M HERE LOOK AT ME ABEL PLEASE LET'S GO ON A PICNIC LOOK AT ME COME ON LOOK AT MEEE!!!!!!!" I yelled

"let go child he will grieve but will one day join you but you need to let go" I watched him let his men take me in a black carriage "is it really over am I not able to go back ever?" I asked

"I'm sorry" I walked over to him and said

"I'm sorry I did not mean to leave you it's beyond me i cannot carry the weight of a heavy world so goodbye"

that was the last line from the first book abel gave me. The lady stretched out her hand that I took with confidence "are you ready my darling" I took a deep breath and breathed out a yes.

suddenly a a huge blinding light appeared I looked at the women wide eyed and she said "keep the memories of good in your heart and throw away the bad" I smiled and my eyes started to water

my eyes burned from the hot tears going down my face. I turned around and said "I will always love you abel always and for eternity" then turned and faced the white light. come on Ariel don't be a baby go i heard in my head

I took a small breath and stepped into the blinding white light.

btw the song for this chapter is

sweetest goodbye by maroon 5

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