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The Brother

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After lord Abel left I didn't move much I took a walk through the garden and then sat and read in my bed. Just then Ursula appears " Hello my darrrrrrrrling you look very well hmmm" I nodded and just stared at her I wasn't mad at Ursula she gave me human legs and human life but for some reason I didn't want to be around her

she then touched my legs and said "your life energy is half full that's great but let's make that lower" she said with a twisted smirk all the sudden my legs started to ache and itch I cried out in agony as the pain took over my whole body

when I looked through my tear stained eyes Ursula was gone. I screamed more in pain then all of the sudden someone busted through the door the person had black hair and beautiful blue eyes

ABEL!!!!!!!! I wanted to hug him but the pain was to much. I said lowly "li...fe.. e.n..n.er.y" he then spread open my legs and rubbed my folds I moaned slightly then he crashed his lips into mine but something was different it didn't feel right at all but it was Abel and I need life energy so i shook off the thought

" oh my little kitten your already so wet do I make you that horny" then Abel slipped into me i moaned with pleasure as it spread me open lord Abel then said your so tight" but something was different about his voice he then thrusted in and out of me with deepness and force that he's never done

"ABEL!!!!!!!" I yelled with pleasure lord Abel looked at me and said "I guess we are twins" I was slightly confused until lord Deo took off hair that looked just like Abels. I started to cry and pound his chest at the same time "YOU IDIOT YOU MONSTER!!" I yelled lord Deo then smirked and tried to pull out off me

the pain immediately came back and I hollard in pain lord Deo looked at me with such cold and empty eyes and said "do you want it or not my sweet" I then gave into the pain and yelled "I WANT IT NOW PLEEEeeasseeee" while crying

lord Deo then plunged inside of me getting bigger slipping in and out with so much force I thought I was going to rip then he sat on the side of the bed at picked up both my legs lowering me on his thing then bounced me up and down making me moan when I looked I saw the mirror reflecting the horrific scene

lord Deo kissed my ear and whispered "now you see this beautiful sight my sweet now every time you and my brother do it you'll remember this" I started to cry until lord Deo flipped us over and slammed into me making my wetness run down my legs he then trailed kisses down my neck and thrusted deep inside of me

he flicked my nipple and sucked on it making it hard he pulled out and kissed my body until he got to my V he licked my folds and made me jerk he then slipped his tongue in slurping up my wetness and swirling his were tongue inside of me i panted as he darted his warm tongue in and put of me until I cam

he got up and looked at me like I was trash and said "this was fun my sweet anytime you need some loving while DEO'S away give me a heads up" then winked and walked out that night I cried myself to sleep feeling horrible

                         DEO'S POV

i heard her crying through the door as i leaned on it the way she moaned made me want to lick every inch of her body ah! dammit Deo remember the plan ahhh yes the plan I will take Abels most precious thing including everything he loves until he has nothing and feels alone then I will take the thrown and banish him yessssssss everything is going smoothly and is going according to plan. 

                       ABELS POV

I was on my way back on the ship when I felt uneasy like something bad has happened I immediately thought of Ariel STUPID ABEL why are you thinking of her when danger comes to mind she is nothing but a toy I then thought of her soft skin and her moaning my name I wanted her to only moan my name MY NAME AND ONLY MINE the thought of another man being inside of her made me almost explode when I see Ariel again I will give her plenty of life energy


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