The Little Mermaid

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"Ariel time to get up!!! your father has brought new suitors for you to meet" says my maid Lil. "NO! I'm tired of meeting boy after boy there all the same" I protest "well maybe if you just CHOOSE one it'll be all over" I ignore Lil while she nags me to choose a suitor and look up at the top of the water ahhh the sun is out that means the humans are awake.

"ARE YOU LISTENING" says Lil in her manly man voice. I quickly turn around looking at Lil with my sweet eyes and say "Ah yes Lil maybe your right I should choose I'll go get ready right now" she gives the a questionable look like she's thinking what has come over her but there's very little time to waste so she turns around and goes out the

I sit down in front of the big thing that humans use to look at themselves. i stare at myself i have emerald green eyes with fire red hair and full red lips. i picture myself human but i couldn't do it that we'll so i comb my hair and eat some mint.

Every day is always the same I wake up get pretty then go to the royal room where my father makes me look at suitors from other kingdoms to marry me ugh!

To be up front hi, my name is a Ariel and I'm a mermaid surpriiiiise!!!!! I am 22 years old and that's the age for mermaid princess to find a mate and get married lucky me. I've never wanted to marry any off the snobs my dad chose for me there all either ugly, stuck up, boring, or just plain mot my type.

Even though I'm a mermaid I have this secret. I'm obsessed with everything human I know it's against mermaid law to even think about anything human but I can't help it I love to hear there music play and there laughter I want to be one of them and see what it's like above the surface. Well no more! I've tried many times to get the courage to run away but today's the day I will find true happiness.

I realized i was still in the room with my father i snapped back into reality when i heard my father say Arial this is sir Raom i thought about what a horrible name that was when he spoke in a very husk voice "Hello my beautiful princess since birth I've always wanted to marry the princess of Anastasia and I hope you will choose me" and he smiled he was handsome he had chocolate hair that stopped above his ears and beautiful blue eyes but then again he seemed stuck up

I huffed and looked at him straight in the eyes and said "sorry Raom I will not be choosing you and father if you will excuse me i have matters to attend to" and with that I swam out the room and into the hallway that led to the kingdom doors. I open the big blue doors and swim away. I swam so fast that when i stopped and looked around i didn't know where i was.

So i go around the purple and dark blue rocks and see an octopus women. Father told me to stay away but she looked hurt so i decided to help.I swim over to her and tap her on the shoulder she sharply turns around and narrows her eyes at me after i say hello her eyes soften.

She cuts me off from introducing myself and says "Hello my sweet child my name is  Ursula" she looks like a sweet women and I start to wonder why father told me to avoid octopus people. I quickly say " Hello my name is Arial I saw you here and thought you were hurt but you seem to be fine" Ursula smiles wickedly and says "Ah yes my sweet I'm fine but you don't seem fine to me see my darling I have a gift I can see people desires and you my child has a desire that I can give"

I immediately wanted to jump for joy Ursula has claimed she can turn me into a human. I repress my excitement and look at Ursula with seriousness "Can you really turn me human I mean if you can will you please" Ursula give me a wicked and smile and says " Ah yes my sweet I can turn you into a human all you have to do is give me half of your life energy and poof you'll be human" I quickly except and let her have half of my life energy but I started to feel woozy

"w..w.whats h..h.happening to me?" I weakly say "Ursula oh my sweet because you have given me half of your life energy you are feeling a bit woozy but since you have to give me half of your life energy the price to being a human is you have to get life energy by joining bodies a. ." but before Ursula could finish I blacked out

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