Im Gonna Get You Back

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When I blinked and noticed it was only Martha shaking me I only then relised the events the just happened. Abel is getting married to kaya not me but kaya I Was filled with rage and jealousy at the same time so i slowly stood up kicked off my flats and bolted out the door ignoring the screams of me to come back from Martha

As I ran in no specific direction whatsoever I bumped into a hard wall "ouch! sorry"
"Ariel?" said the voice. I stopped rubbing my nose and slowly looked up, oh no not lord Deo not now. "I thought you ran Ariel, hell everyone did we looked for you everywhere I'm so glad your ok and well" I marveled at the kindness in his voice but I hadn't forgave him just yet

"Well thank you for worrying lord Deo but I'm in a hurry where is lor Abel?" A hurt look flashed upon his face but was quickly replaced by a face of stone "he's loading up the carriage to go make arrangements for his wedding" a sharp pang was in my heart hearing the word wedding and knowing it was lord Abel's and Kayas. But that couldn't stop me now, I did a small nod and said "thanks lord Deo now if you'll excuse me I'll be on my way"

I started to run past him but a hand swiftly grabbed my arm I turned to lord Deo and made an explain what your doing face.

"All my life I've had everything I hold dear stolen from me by him, since I was to become king I was in my studies all day so he stole my mothers affection and when I slipped up and he would clean up the mess he earned my fathers respect" he then paused and looked at me "when our mother first died I was so grieve stricken I abandoned my duties as an king in training but lord Abel secretly cleaned them up, when this came to light my father stripped me off my title and gave it to lord Abel."

"The smile that was on his face when father told him he was to become king broke me, my own brother would smile at one of my biggest lost."

"Ariel I know you may not believe me but I love you, I love you so much it's hurts to know that your running to get to Abel as we speak so please stay with me I..I.i...I love you."
I sucked in a sharp breath and stared into those once icy blue eyes that are not glazed and warm "no" I breathed out "I love Abel and only him I'm sorry Deo" I quickly snatched my arm away and took off to the street just in time to see Abel's chocolate brown carriage depart from the castle.

So I ran as fast as I could after it not caring if the rocks below stabbed and cut my feet just having Abel feeling his warmth surround me was enough to make me be able to endure any pain

As I got closer I saw Kaya waving him off but with my quickness I zoomed past her in a flash. "ABEL! ABEL WAIT!!!!" I screamed and just like that my left foot hit a pot hole and I landed hard on both my knees I looked down only to see them both oozing with cherry red blood


I screamed at the top of my lungs the carriage slowed down and came to a stop and out rushed a dashingly dressed Abel in a black top hat. When out eyes met its like the world stop turning and the air stop blowing all I felt was my heart rate increase but my breathing was hitched. As he started to run towards me a smile bloomed across my face

When I saw he was smiling ear to ear I knew he felt the same way I did because it was the realist smile you could ever see the kind of smile that could turn your dark world into a blinding sunny day, but then that smile vanished in an instant and his face was turned into sheer horror when he suddenly screamed "KAYA NO!"

I horrible pain rippled through my whole body and my back felt like someone had stabbed it. When Abel got to me I felt him pull something out if me and tossed it on the ground. To weak to sit up I collapsed in his arms and looked over to see a blood stained knife by my foot


Was the last thing I heard before everything around me went black

Authors Note: here's a song the represents each chapter :)

1st chapter- Negima theme song
2nd chapter - My Destiny
3rd chapter - yosuga no sora song
4th chapter- Treasure
5th chapter- keep your heart broken
6th chapter- Just a cloud away
7th chapter- Every little earthquake
8th chapter- pure evil techno song
9th chapter- Milk Tea- Shy Confession
10th chapter- sexy naughty bitchy me
11th chapter- rosi golan-can't go back
12th chapter-evanescence-going under
13th chapter-misery by maroon 5

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