I'm Coming For You

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I miss him...

Everyday is like an endless battle with myself, should I let him go or should I hold on to the love I have for him I just don't know. Heaven has been great I've made friends with many of the angels but I still feel the emptiness and longing for abel. I figured out that heaven is your ideal bliss it's like many world's molded together and in the middle is God's world.


I run and open the door and see its Castiel. "Oh hey Cass ho-" I was cut short when he pushed me out the way and went straight to the coffee table in the middle of the living room "well come right in" I say under my breath.

"Sorry to bust in but I have urgent knew about your love" my breath hitches as I nod for him to go on. "He's in hell... apparently he jumped off a cliff and just arrived in hell in the suicide district" I thought of how abel is burning and scared!

"Oh god Cass this is awful I need to help him or save him or something he's my everything!!!" Cass then cleared his throat and said slowly

"I thought u might say that that's why I'm here to tell u there is a way to save him"

"Tell me Cass and tell me quickly I have to save abel if it's the only and last thing I will ever do" I will stop at nothing for abel. It may not seem like our love shouldn't be so strong but abel is my everything it's like all he has to do is stare out a window and I will still fall in love with him

"Just know it will be dangerous" Cass warns, but I nod my head and tell him to proceed he then sighs and says

"Ok you have to-

Cliffhanger tho and I know it's short it's just a little taste

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