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It's been 3 days since my father has taken me home. The only thing in my head his him, when i wake up abel, when i think it's about abel, even when I eat.

I love him so much that my heart aches to be apart from him. I have to see him I have to touch him again. The only thing I can think of doing is calling Ursula again but i will do anything to be with abel again. Ok all i have to do is close my eyes and call.

"Ursula the great please help me"

Suddenly a black ball appeared and came undone and Ursula appears. "So my sweet what could possibly be so important that you have to take me out of my busy schedule."

"Ursula I'm sorry but I want to see abel no I NEED to see him I'll give you what ever you want just let me see him."

"tsk! tsk! what can you give me AH! yes half your life energy" she says with a crooked smile

"fine I'll give it to you as long as I can see abel"

"you made the right choice darling" Ursula says with her eyes in slits

Suddenly my body became hot and my tail became itchy. The last thing I remember is a fading image of ursula. I feel around and I'm on top of something warm like being by a warm fire after u dive into the ocean

My eyes flutter open and make contact with the piercing image of the sun. They quickly adjust and sit up quickly to take in my surroundings. I remember this place this is where i met abel. I stand up a little wobbly at first but I regain my stance and take off to the castle.

As I near the gate I see Martha rounding the castle cover with white roses. "MARTHA OVER HERE MARTHA" I yell slightly out of breath, she stops and looked at me wide eyed then breaks into a smile that reaches her ears.

"Arial where have you been you've been? missing for 3 days so many things have happened are you hurt? did you run off? did someone take you?"

I just chuckle and pull her into a warm hug "it's so nice to see you again martha" she smiles and says "well first let's get you cleaned up

She takes me into my old room where she pulls out a simple red gown with bow in the back. She then gives me black flats and brushes my hair and braids it into a side french braid. "Martha, I actually really want to see abel where is he?

In the mirror I can see her expression completely change, she sets the brush on the beauty stand and says in a hush voice "Arial I shouldn't tell you this but I have to" she breaths in for a second and tears build up in her eyes "Abel I'd now engaged with kaya"

After those words everything stops I hear nothing I can't even breath the only thing I can hear is the echos of the words that Marta just spoke. my heart feels like someone is grabbing it and slamming it into the ground. my whole world is black and my light can only be abel but why? just why.... ?

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