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I stepped out the bath and wrapped a towel around me when i stepped into the room lord Abel wasn't there i huffed wanting to see him again and also missing the feel of his touch

then i heard tiny foot steps coming towards the door and Martha came in "Helloooooo cute pie" she said with a wide smile on her face "I'm here to take ya measurements are ya ready" I nodded and stood up. She put a string around my breast and waste she then wrote them down and put me in a simple pink dress

i heard the door open and turned around it was Abel I missed him so much that I ran over to him " you done with the measurements" his silky voice said that sent chills down my spine "yes" Martha said "but we need a color which one would you like dear" I looked at lord Abel and said "you choose for me lord Abel which color would be best" he gave

me an odd look and walked close to me and put his hand on my cheek

"emerald! because it matches the color of your eyes the eyes that shine like beautiful gems" °cough° we both turned to see Martha smiling I blushed and turned away "alrighty then" Martha said "I guess emerald it is" Abel then grabbed my hand and led me into a huge room "this is were the ball will be and this is where we will stand dancing" I blushed a little at the thought

he then told me to go back and see how the dress is going when I got back it was already done I wonder how it was made so quickly I slipped in the emerald dress it hugged my skin they brought me over to the mirror and it was beautiful it was a emerald corset dress with black ribbon to tie in the back

I ran out the room to go show Abel but i hit something hard i rubbed my nose and looked up IT WAS DEO! "Hello there kitty you look so sexy in that dress" I held my head up high and said "thank you now will you please move" he shook his head and said "strip" no I said "I will not strip for a man like you now please move!" he sighed and said "if you don't do something for me I'll tell Abel about our special night" I started to cry "what do you want from me why are you doing this?"

"ever since that night I couldn't get you out of my head I think I'm in love with you" I gasped

                          ABELS POV

I sat doing paperwork thinking about Ariel everything about her was beautiful her pink full lips her red hair and her beautiful emerald eyes

I smiled at the thought that all of Ariel was mine I heard a scoff and looked up IT was that weird women... Ursula yea that's her name "what do you want creature" I glared at her "well don't you look happy prince you must really like that fish" fish? I wandered "well yes she's very interesting" I say "I see she's doing well and she's talking clearly" I smiled "yes I think I broke her curse" I said proudly. Ursula laughed

"what" I said annoyed "oh nothing it's just that isn't it weird how Ariel is keeping life energy even though your gone sometimes, unlessssssss she's sleeping with another man"

                      ARIELS POV

"kiss me" lord Deo said "if you kiss me i won't say a word to abel" I shook my head and he turned around "OH A.." OK! I yelled "I'll kiss you but do you promise not to tell Abel?" he held up his right hand "I swear"

                    ABELS POV

I grew angry at the thought of another man touching Ariel "NO!!!" I screamed "that would never happen and I'll prove it to you!" I sneered. I got up and busted out of my office and went Into the hall

                    DEO'S POV

I'm in love with Ariel I don't know why but I want her not because she is my brothers it's because she's odd and beautiful I wanted to kiss her and explore her body I leaned down to get my kiss

                        ARIELS POV

I kissed Deo it was horrible I was wishing it was Abels lips but at least all the awfulness will be done afterwards  then i heard the voice that sent shivers down my spine. "Ar..r.eial?" I quickly looked only to see lord Abel he had hurt and anger in his eyes he spun around and walked away very fast "ABEL!" I screamed "WAIT COME BACK" I tripped on my dress and fell sobbing what have I done "ABEL!!!!!" I yelled "don't...go.." I layed there crying the one look that was on lord Abels face that made me cry was the look of


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