Life Energy

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My body is so hot I feel like I'm gonna die the dark haired boy looks at me with lust filled eyes and a hungry expression like he wants to devour my whole body.

He rips the blanket off of me and strips, he suddenly crashes his lips into mine like hes swallowing me up. He nibbled my bottom lip then flicked my nipple i did a slit moan and he slips his tongue in its so hot I feel like I'm going to melt.

He pulls away and spreads my new human legs and all the sudden I feel something that spreading me open and rubbing inside of me its welling up going in and out its so hot and wet i can feel the warmness run down my thigh. 

it's moving around so much inside of me i let out a moan that makes the dark haired man go deeper he thrust in and out sliding in the wetness until i feel a burst of heat inside me making me pant.

When i wake up i feel much better i sit up to see the dark haired boy dress i say "I'm sorry for causing you trouble but what is your name?" he strongly says "my name is Abel and for now on i will give you life energy but you will only be MINE you'll only let me eat you and if you try to run you won't get far because you'll always be my toy" after that he turns back around and walks out the door.

The tears that I've been trying to hold back erupted i sat and cried for what felt like hours i didn't know humans could use such cold words that pierced me like daggers. i was a toy just a toy to fill the lust he has i felt used and dirty. Wanting to get clean i wrapped the pearl white silk cover around me and walked out the door.

I didn't know my way around the castle but i was suddenly stopped my a small chubby woman in what looked like a maid outfit. She smiled at me and said "you must be the women lord Abel brought in today." I nodded and asked where the bath was she grabbed my hand and said "this way cute pie" I followed her into a room that was beautiful it had cream walls and pearl marble floors and in the center of the room was a huge bath.

I looked at the lady and said "may I take a bath I feel rather dirty and would like to freshen up" and gave her a sheepish smile.

she skipped over to the bath and turned it on then she grabbed my wrist and said sweetly "after you finish your bath just call me and I'll bring in your clothes my name is Martha and I'll be your personal maid for now on" I thanked her and she quickly skipped out. I sank into the water missing the touch of the sea a little. After my fingers started to shrivel I yelped and yelled loudly "MARTHAAAAA!" soon enough Martha came in with a towel and a dress

i stepped out and she wrapped the towel around me and dried me off she then put my breast in some cup device we never had these in the sea then she slipped me in a beautiful dress

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