I Can't Go Back

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"ARIEL!!!!" my father roared "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR MERMAID LOCATION SENSE AND..." he looked down at my human legs and turned red.

He then started to march over to me i tried to get away but the hands kept me in place. He grabbed my leg and look me straight in the eye I saw anger fear and hurt..?

"WHO DID THIS TO YOU WAS IT A SEA WITCH!!??" I slowly nodded my head not able to speak

"nothing can be done now but come were going back to the sea" my eyes widened and my heart pounded against my chest no not now not now!

"NO!" I screamed "I will not go back to the sea with you all you make me do is look at suitors and try to marry me off and never once asked me what I wanted and now I've found something I've found love"

He looked at me like I was insane and that made me even more mad at him. "yes father i fell in love i fell in love with a human and he loves me to" I said with enough confidence I could muster up.

He smirked and let go of my leg "do you honestly think you could love and be with a human a human is what killed your mother you will NEVER be loved by one of THEM!" he spat

"no no no its not true" I said while sobbing "lord abel loves me he will always be there for me i heard him say it with my own ears FATHER!." he then grabbed me by my arm and yanked me across the sand towards the sea.

NO he's taking me back to the sea no no no Abel. I started to thrash around to get out of his hold but he was to strong.

"Ariel stop struggling your only going to make this harder for your self this is the right thing to do I'm only trying to protect you" he said in a calm voice

I then felt the cold but calm water my legs quickly started to itch and I felt them morph back into my grassy green tale. still in my father's grip he used his speed and headed in the opposite direction I didn't say anything because I was curious to see where he headed

we neared a very rocky place and I knew exactly where we were DEATHS WAIT. it's a place where mermaids are placed to sit in solitude to reflect on there actions

before I knew it I was thrown into one of the cells my father then locked the door and looked at me with pity

"I'm keeping you in here for 3 years to reflect on your actions I hate to do this to you Ariel but I have no choice"

With that he started to swim away "NO FATHER COME BACK PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME HERE FATHER I BEG OF YOU DONT LEAVE ME!!!!!!" I screamed but he was already out of sight

All i thought about was Abel and how much I love him

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