Wait For Me

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"You have to eat the leaf of survival then travel to hell and to the suicide district where you'll have exactly 48 hours to find Abel and when your 48 hours is up if your not outside the gates of hell both you and Abel will be trapped with no way of escape."

I slowly took a moment to process what Castiel said it certainly won't be easy I've never been to hell but what wouldn't you do for the person you love.

"Ok Cass tell me where I can get this leaf of survival."

"Wow your really gonna do this I thought maybe you would get to scared and move on" Cass said with a surprised look on his face

"Well love makes you do crazy things" I said while thinking of Abel

"Well your in luck" Cass said "I happen to bring a leaf with me before I came over"


"Yeah yeah yeah ok now you have to eat the leaf right before you go into hell because right when the leaf enters your body the timer starts going"

I nodded understanding the instructions I would do anything for Abel he's done so much for me he even gave me a soul.

When I arrived in heaven I found out that mermaids have no souls but if you love a person enough your souls can be connected but if a mermaid dies her soul because a pearl that's why you find pearls in a sea and it takes a pearl so long to grow because the mermaid only has a half soul.

Snapping out of my thoughts I run into nu bedroom preparing myself for the long journey.

After I'm ready I go back to Cass and give him a huge hug, as I walk to the door about to leave I hear Cass sniffle

"Don't you die Ariel you better come back cause I will kill you if you die I'll make you extra dead"

I rolled my eyes and blew him a kiss before closing the door. I then walk until I see a puddle of water and think its perfect to cast the spell. I take out a small knife and cut my wrist then start reciting the ritual "MONTAK NULLAP ARIEL ARABELL TRITON NORK SUMMUZ" the pure blue puddle slowly turned completely black

I took a deep breath and stepped in it


I feel like the girl in the book Abel gave me what was it... Alice in wonderland, after she falls into the rabbit hole but instead of crazy knick knacks its pure darkness

My skin then starts heating up like your sunburned and when I open my eyes im infront of a large gate made of bones

Oh damn

All I can hear is the screaming of souls and burning skin oh god Abel must be feeling that pain

I go to open the gate only to see there's no way to open it. "Do you wish to go inside?" A dark gruff voice says behind me. I turn around and see the most enormous black dog with eyes dark and red as blood. I gulp down all my panic and try to look tuff.

"Y.y..y.yyess I am is there anyway to get in?"

"You have to pay a toll give me something of value" I sighed nothing on me is of value 

"What about that shiney ass thing on your wrist its so damn bright that means it holds value" I look down to see the bracelet Abel gave me.

I didn't want to give it up its a symbol of his love for me but I know sometimes you have to give some to gain some

"Ok dog I'll give you the bracelet but you HAVE to open the gate." The dog smirks and nods

I snatch of the bracket throwing it at the dog. It catches it with his mouth then swallows "mmmmmm all that love taste so sweet to bad I hate love HAHAHAHAAHA ok time to open this damn gate"

He howls lightly, the gate opens with a slight creak and the smell of death and burned skin burst in my face like an autumn wind

I take a deep breath trying to keep my mind away from the horrible smell. As I step closer and closer to the gate my heart picks up speed. Oh god! What if his doesn't work what if I can't get him back in time what if god doesn't lat him come to heaven what if he's not the same Abel anymore....

So many what ifs ugh but I do know I will do anything to get back the person I love.

I suck in air and let out a shaky breath. I take a final step before popping the leaf in my mouth saying one last thing before I go into the bottemless pit

Wait For Me.....

Sorry for the boring chapter I didn't know what to write but I hope you guys like it though

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