Want Me

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Martha took me into the dining room where a girl with long black hair and hazel eyes sat with a man that looked very similar to lord Abel he had sandy blonde hair that stopped above his ears with sky blue eyes. The girl looked at me out the corner of her eye then looked at Martha

"and who is this girl Martha?" Martha looked a bit frantic then said "she's lord Abel new..... um .. girl" a moment of shock went over the girls face then she clicked her tongue at me. The sandy blonde hair boy got up and grabbed me by my waist while holding my hand then whispered in my ear " my name is Deo and may i say you are very beautiful"

I wanted to say hello but my life energy

wouldn't allow it so all i did was nod i sat down then looked at what was in front of me i saw something long with for things on top Martha said it was a fork for eating. i couldn't master the use of it so lord Deo picked it up and started feeding me just then lord Abel walked in and when he saw what was going on he screamed my name "ARIALLLLLL!!!!! WHAT THE ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BROTHER!?" I was startled by the sound of his voice and jumped he noticed this and his expression softened.

Then lord Deo lifted up my chin to his face and said "oh we were just eating ;)" lord Abel came came around and pulled me to his chest and yelled in lord Deo face "MINE! ONLY MINE! " then he pulled me out the dining room

                             DEO'S POV

I watched my hot head brother pull his new toy out of the dining room I smirked at the thought of someone else other than his highness playing with his toy "this should  be interesting" I said with a grin Kaya then got up and said "Deo baby let's go make love lord Abel has gotten me in the mood" I then took the sluts hand and led her into the room where we fucked all night

                       ABELS POV

I led Ariel into our room and slammed the door she looked at me frightened with her emerald eyes only making me want her more I ripped off the top half of her dress and tossed her on the bed. I licked her nipple while flicking the other she let out a slit moan witch made me want to make her only mine I trailed kisses down her neck then kissed her nipple which made her.arch her back and moan

I ripped off her skirt  and kissed her inner thigh I then kissed her cute folds and stuck my tongue in i then licked inside feeling her wetness on my tongue"

                          ARIELS POV

Abels tongue was inside of me it felt so warm in my folds licking my wetness and making circles inside of me. He then pulled out and unbuckled his pants and slammed inside of me he went deeper making me go crazy he then flipped us over so that i was on top i blushed because he just stared at me with a lust filled expression and said "your soft all over it feels so nice to be squeezed by you"

He then put his hands on my hips and started moving me up and down I felt it swell up and slip inside of me it gets so hot inside and I feel the tingles inside me it vibrates inside making me moan "Your getting so tight.. do you like this that much" MORE I yell that's when I Abel flips us over and slams inside of me filling me up i yell his name as he picks up my legs and bounce me on his thing I feel it getting bigger in me as it slips in and out making it so hot down there

he looks me in the eyes and says together then he pulls out and we both release at the same time then I blacked out when I woke up i realized I had a golden bracelet on left wrist with an A on it I looked over and saw Abel looking deep in my eyes then he said " I put that on you so men could know your MINE and MINE ONLY never take it off or you'll be punished because you belong to me"

he leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips then blushed a little which made me turn red when he saw my face a smile crept up on his face but.he suddenly got up not allowing me to see it long enough he put his clothes back on then turned to me and said "I'm going to me gone for about two days so this should be enough energy to last you I'm leaving tonight so try not to.use to much" he then bent down and kissed my fore head and walked out I touched the spot he kissed kind of thinking it was a kiss filled with love oh how I want lord Abels love...

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