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ARIELS LORD ABEL IS HERE!!!! Martha yells I shot up in my bed and quickly got dressed to meet him. When i stepped into the main hall lord Abel was there "I'm home Ariel" he said "is your life energy ok are your legs hurting" I began crying thinking of the night with lord Deo I felt so dirty and wrong I only wanted lord Abel to embrace me

He ran over to me and pulled me into a warm hug "let's go to the room you must be empty by now" I nodded my head wanting to feel lord Abel inside of me. He unbuttoned my dress and kissed my shoulders sweetly and turned me around i blushed when he just started at me he leaned down to my ear and whispered "your beautiful" his voice sent shivers down my spine.

He kissed me passionately it felt like sparks on my lips going from my mouth to my neck (put pop rocks on your lips and that's how the kiss feels) he trailed hot kisses down my neck to my breast and licked and sucked the right one while messaging the left I moaned at the feel of him touching me which made him groan he took my wrist and flung me on the bed

as he walked over to me he was licking his lips staring at me with those sky blue eyes and stripping to reveal his beautiful body that made me more wet he hovered over me and put his finger on my V "I see your already this wet for me Ariel" he said while he licked my juice from his finger

he eased his thing inside of me while kissing me he nibbled my bottom lip and I moaned he then put his tongue inside and roamed my mouth we pulled away for air gasping and looking into each others eyes he slammed inside of me which caused my eyes to roll back

the pleasure he sent through my body made my hips buck "MORE ABEL MORE I WANT TO FEEL YOU MORE" I moaned "Ariel your squeezing me so hard I lo.." he stopped and and flipped us over he slammed in me making me yell his name "you are.mine Ariel and will always be!" he said and pulled out of me missing the feeling of him I moaned "YES LORD ABEL I WILL" he smirked and thrusted inside of me

after 3 hours he slumped beside me on the bed while panting he turned so he faced me and stroked my hair "I am having a ball" he said "and I want you to be there get bathed and Martha will be here to take your measurements" I nodded and said ok lord Abel lifted up and kissed my lips while cupping my face I got a bump in my chest when he pulled away

what's this feeling it hurts but feels nice at the same time

the ending was cheesy but oh well and shout out to Sarah I made this chapter just for chuuuuu

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