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"Would you like more tea?" I asked a costumer.

"Yes, thank you," she said.

"Your very welcome Princess," I said bowing and moving on to the next. I looked to see Tamaki ask a girl which tea cup she would like. The he grabbed her chin, gazing into her eyes.

"None of these compare to my Princess," Tamaki said. The girl seems to melt.

"Ow!" Kaoru yelled. I turned around and saw Hikaru kiss Kaoru's finger.

"Honestly Kaoru, you have to be more careful," Hikaru said. "For now keep your eyes on me. Okay?"

"Yes Hikaru," Kaoru said. They got closer the girl squealed around them. 

I looked at Kyoya who was selling photo books of the hosts to some girls from the twins group. 

So that's were the host club gets the extra money. But when did he have the time to take them? I don't know, it's Kyoya no one ever knows what hes gonna do.

Honey was stirring some tea really fast. The girls and Haruhi just watch him. Mori put his hand on Honey's shoulder.

"Mitsukuni you over did it," Mori said. Honey stopped and looked down at the bowl. He started to tear up. A girl grabbed the bowl.

"Honey you made enough for the both of us!" said girl A.

"Yeah, I am on a diet anyway!" said girl B. Honey beamed. A small smile formed over my face.

 Mori glanced up at me.  Quickly turned away as a blush crawled on to my face.


I looked at Tamaki glaring at the twins, who were standing by Haruhi.

"Kyoya, don't the twins spend more time with Haruhi?" I asked Kyoya.

"Yes, you are correct," Kyoya said. Lightning came out of nowhere and struck Tamaki. I looked back at Kyoya, who now had a chart behind him.

"The twins spend 9 hours of class time and the couple hours of club activities with her. Tamaki you only spend 3% of the day with her, which is only during club activities."

Tamaki begin to cry.

"My little girl shouldn't be hanging around these Shady twins! She should spend more time with Daddy!" Tamaki cried.

"Hey Boss!" the twins started to yell at Tamaki for calling them shady. He ignored them and kept cally himself "Daddy."

"Haruhi should just go back to being a girl!" Tamaki said.

"You dont have to worry about that for long," say HIkaru.

"Yeah, with the physical exams and all," Kaoru continued.

Tamaki the started to do his weird wiggling motion again and began fantasizing. Then he turned around.

"This Anime is a love Comedy between Haruhi and I. The rest of you are the homo-sexual supporting cast," Tamaki said. He drew a line crossed the club room floor. Steam came out of the Twins ears. The gears in Kyoya head are grinding.

Tamaki you just dug you self a grave.

"If that happens then Haruhi won't be able to be part of the club any more," Honey said.

"Also that would be Tamaki will not be spending any time with Haruhi," Kyoya said.

Tamaki begins to freak out. A white board appears with the words: "Operation: Conceal Haruhi's Gender" or " I swear Haruhi's a boy."

"Whats with all the stuff appearing out of nowhere?" I muttered. Haruhi begins to calculate her debt.

"Well it looks like I am going to have to pay you guys back another way," Haruhi said. The Twins and Tamaki sweatdrop. 

"Haruhi. Do you hate this club?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes," Haruhi answers bluntly. Tamaki goes, yet again, into his depressed corner.

Hm... There is only one thing Haruhi will stay for.

"Fancy Tuna," Mori and I say together. Haruhi freezes and twitches. The Hosts say things like "poor Haruhi never got to taste fancy tuna." Haruhi's shoulders slumped and hung her head in defeat.


I place my book down on the desk. I looked at the blue envelope laying on the desk. The letter was delivered this morning. I can only guess.

I opened the envelope and pulled out its card. It read:

Dear Sakura,

You have been invited to the Tatakai estate to join in the Celebration of Miako next Friday. Hope you can make and please bring a guest.

From, The Tatakia family.

A guest huh... Its a good idea. Knowing the fact that I won't be able to face my family alone... There is only one person that I can think of...

"Takashi," I said. A blush spread a crossed my face. I sat the invitation down. "I will ask him tomorrow."


Will she ask Takashi or will she chicken out? Will the Hosts get revenge on Tamaki? Find out in the next chapter!

Thanks for reading! \(^-^)/

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