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I sat on a couch watching the Ladies leave as the club hours came to an end. When the last girl left, the Host Club fell into their regular chaos. Kyoya typed away on his computer while Haruhi sat next to him studying for a test. Tamaki chased the twins around after they made a snide comment about him being Haruhis Father. Honey ate cake in front of me and Takashi, who silently sat next me holding my hand.

After awhile I gathered up some courage and spoke.

"We need to talk."

The Hosts fell silent and stopped what they were doing before looking at me.

"What is it?" Kyoya asked. I bit my lip and Takashi squeezed my hand. I cleared my throat.

"As you all know my step-mother recently tried to gain custody of me. I wanted you tell all of you that she failed to do so."

"That's great to hear Sa-Chan," Honey happily. I smiled at him.

"Thank you, but that's not all. I recently received information that the Hacker, that has been attacking my company, was in fact Michi. So, I decided to press charges and I have court tomorrow. I would appreciate it if you all would can me to support me," I said. The Hosts looked at me with wide eyes.

"Your my friend, of course I will come," Haruhi said smiling at me.

"I wouldn't miss seeing the Naomi Company legal team in action. They are, after all, Japan's finest," Kyoya said pushing up his glasses.

"Takashi and I will definitely be there! Afterwards we can eat cake! Kay?" Honey said giving a close eyed smile.

"We will go, long as you promise not to throw us on to anymore coffee tables," the twins said. I laughed.

"Promise," I said.

"Daddy would miss his little girls day in court!" Tamaki shouted.

"We have been over this, I am older than you, therefore I can't be your daughter," I deadpanned. Lightning struck Tamaki.

"Mommy! Sakura is being mean to her daddy!" Tamaki cried clinging on to Kyoya. I laughed and leaned on Takashi, watching Tamakis antics.

When this is all over, I am finally gonna have a break and enjoy my high school life.

*-*-*-*Third PoV*-*-*-*

"All rise for the Honorable Judge Rokuro Shota." Everyone rose as Judge Shota entered the room and sat down.

"You may be seated," he said.

"I present the Defendent Michi Takakai, being charged with atempt of Grand Theft."

Michi stood up as her name was said. Isamu and Chiyo stood up and introduced themselves.

"I present the plaintiff Sakura Nazo, CEO of the Naomi corporation."

Court looked to see that the hooded going to wasn't present.

"It seems that Sakura is not present, I suggest we postpone the trial today a day she can attend," Michi suggested.

Yasu quickly stood up.

"Your honor, Miss Nazo will be here any moment," Yasu said. As if on cue the court room doors opened.

"I am sorry I am late your Honor, I had some things to grab somethings," Sakura said walking into the court room.

Everyone's eyes widened at her appearance.

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