14:Special 2- Takashi (Mori)~

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*-*-*-*POV of Chapter 13*-*-*-*

Sakura ran to her room. The slamming of her door echoed throughout the house. I made my way to my room and shut the door quietly.

Sakura, why did you avoid my question? Is it the answer linked to why you hide your self?

I tossed my suit jacket off and undid the tie, throwing it to the other side of the room.

I need to talk to her. I need to now why.

I walked out of my room and ventured towards hers. The door was slightly opened and I walked in shutting it behind me. I spotted a picture sitting on the desk. I looked at it and saw it was a picture of a beautiful red-haired girl.

Must be her mom. She so pretty... Is this the only family picture she has?

I heard a door open and turned around. Sakura walked out of the bathroom with only a towel on. I froze in place.

"T-Takashi... Can you please get out?" She stuttered quietly. I walked towards her. Sakuras face grew red.

Are those scars on her face?

She backed away from me and her back hit the wall. Sakura ended up sliding down the wall and I knelt in front of her. I placed my hand on the left side of her beautiful face. My eyes travelled her body, stopping I spotted another scar.

They are everywhere. Her face, hands, legs, neck, just everywhere.

"So this is what you were hiding, scars," I said. She started to cry.

"Yes," she said. I gently wiped her tears away.


"Its along story," She mumbled. I sat on the floor in front of her and looked at her as with my eyes saying "I got time." She sighed. "Fine."

"It happened when I was 12 years old. I did something that ended up with me in the hospital for 4 months and part of the time I was in a coma. When I woke up I was covered in bandages from head to toe.The nurse got my father and the doctor shortly after I woke up. My father was relieved I was alive and the Doctor was surprised I healed fast as I did. The Doctor said the injuries I received were going to leave scars. Both my father and I were fine with it."

She started to cry harder. I gently placed both of my hands on either side of her face wiping the tears away, again.

"Then Michi came into the room. She saw what I looked like and flipped out. Screaming things like how I ruined her life, how ugly I was, I was a monster, and didn't deserve to live. She yelled at my father and threatened to leave him if he didn't get rid of me. My father already lost one women he loved and didn't want to lose another. So the last week I was in the hospital, I received court papers saying that I was disowned. The next day a man came to visits me and told me that I now owned to Naomi Company."

"So you started hiding what you looked like?"

"Yea, I didn't want anyone to judge me like that against. So I started to hide what I look like. I just don't want the past to repeat itself. The worst part was I couldn't remember a thing when I woke up. I still have only vague memories of my past."

Sakura, you have been suffering for years by yourself, because of your past. There is no need to do that. I am here for you, unfortunately not in the way I want to be.

I moved closer to her. I brought my face became inches from hers.

"The past is the past. It doesn't define us or determine our future. It helps create who we are today. You may have forgotten your past, but it hasn't forgotten you. Or else you would have never became the magnificent kind woman you are to day. Sakura, your scars create you. They make you more beautiful, not ugly. Forget about what people say about you because as long as you know or believe different, you have no reason to hide."

I gazed deep in to her eyes as I said that. Sakura stopped crying and looked at me thoughtfully. I leaned forward slowly, Sakura closed her eyes.

Shes not going to reject me this time.

Our lips gently connected and sparks flew. My arms shot out to either of side head Sakuras as her arms wound their way around my neck. We kissed long and deep before breaking away for breath.

"Wow," she muttered. "That was a great first kiss."

I rested my forehead on her.

"It was," I whispered to her. She looked up at me and blushed. I stroked the side of her face.

"H-hey T-Ta-Takashi?" She stuttered.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Can you g-get out n-now? I-its not because of the k-kiss, I really enjoyed it. Its j-just that I am in a towel," She said. I looked down.

How could I forget she was in a towel?!

"Yeah, see you tomorrow. Goodnight Sakura," I said getting up and leaving.

Sakura, its definite now, I am completely in love with you and I don't care what you look like.


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