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The twins rushed into the room with Haruhi.

"Lets begin," I said. I lead Haruhi into a changing room and handed her a dress. After a bit she came out. I sat her down, put a wig and make up on her. Then the doors opened.

"There you are. The lad-" Tamaki fell silent when he saw Haruhi. Haruhi began to walk funny.

"How can people walk in these things?" she mumbled. Drool came out of Tamakis' mouth.

"So pretty..." Tamaki dragged on.

"Tamaki. Drool," I said. Tamaki screamed and started to slap his mouth. By now Haruhi has exited the room. Tamaki goes to talk to talk to Kanako. I go back to the ball room and wait with the rests of the hosts. I turned to Kyoya.

"Do you guys always do elaborate plans like these?" I  asked.

"Yes," Kyoya said.

"Hm," I said. I leaned against a pillar and sighed.

All these girls are fawning over these guys... I don't understand why... Are what they doing is all an act? Fake? Or do they mean some of the stuff? Maybe they mean all of it? I don't know... I just hope when the time comes when they fall in love, that their love is not an act, that is not fake. Because if they ever fake their love to another... Lets hope that never happens.

"Sakura," a voice said. I snapped my head up to look at Mori. Its time to go outside to see Kanako crying and Toru catch her.

"Kanako! I love you, I always have! I chose to study abroad so I could become a better man for you! I am sorry that I didn't talk to you!" Toru pleaded grasping both of Kanako's hand. Kanako sniffled and looked at Toru.

"Toru, you don't have to change... you are perfect just the way you are because... I love you too!" Kanako cried. They hug.

"And now for the last dance of the night," Tamaki announced. The couple looked up in surprised and the Lady walked out of the ballroom. "Goes this lovely couple right here."

Music began. They began to dance. The girls looked on in awe.

They really are in love... That is how my dad looked at my mom... that was very long ago... I sighed. I felt some ones gaze on me. I looked over to see Mori was looking at me. A blushed spread crossed my face.

Why the heck am I blushing?!

The dance Ended. "The best dancer of the night Is Princess Kanako," Kyoya said.

"Who will receive a kiss from Haruhi," the twins said. Tamaki freaked out.

"Do I have to?" Haruhi asked.

"I will cut you debt by 1/3," Kyoya said. Haruhi twitched.

"Alright," Haruhi descended the steps.

"Wonder if this is Haruhis first Kiss?" Honey wondered out loud. Tamaki jumps down the steps.

"Haruhi!" He shouts. I hear a monkey and then a banana peal appeared in front of Tamaki. He slipped and crashed in to Haruhi. Which caused Kanako and Haruhi to kiss. The girls squealed and Tamaki cried. Haruhi shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

I winced at the squealing. These people are always way to loud.

After the party Kyoya comes up to me.

"Miss Nazo, I have decided that you can help plan events and serve the guests for the host club," Kyoya said.

"Thanks Kyoya. Good bye," I said walking towards the limo where Honey and Mori waited for me.


I watched as my last class of the walked in.

"Good Afternoon everyone," I said. Everyone laid down their yoga mats.

"Good Afternoon Miss Nazo," they greeted. I smiled.

"Now we are gonna start with some Sun Salutations," I said. I streched my arms out to my sides then brought them above my head. My hand touched palm to palm and I brought them down in front of my. I took a deep breath in and out. This class copied me.

"Next we are doing the Reclining Eagle Twist. Lie down flat on your back. Lift both knees up, bringing your feet right behind your hips. Keeping one foot on the ground, lift your other foot and wrap that leg over and around your resting leg. Hook the foot of your lifted leg behind the calf of the resting leg. Slowly lower your knees to the side of your resting leg, keeping your thighs close to your chest. Reach your arms out perpendicular to your body, with both shoulders resting on the floor." I did each step as I said them. "Now please do this. Remember to take deep breaths." 

I walked among everyone and fixed their poses.

"Okay next we are going to do Standing Forward Bend. Stand with your feet parallel, hip width apart. Fold forward over your legs, allowing your back, arms, and neck to release toward the ground," I explained doing the pose. Everyone copied me. The process continued.

After everyone left I got a call as I climbed into the back of my car.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Miss Nazo, we need you to come in right away! Some one is trying to hack our computers! The Techs are holding them back, but not for much longer!" Riki cried.

"I am on my way," I said calmly and hung up. "Lee please head to the Naomi building as soon as possible."

Lee nodded and drove quickly.

Who is trying to get hack our systems this time? Hopefully it isn't my family again.

When we arrived I sprinted to the Tech department. I crashed trough the door. Everyone jumped. The head Tech jumped out of his chair. I sat down in his chair and logged on.

My fingers flew across the key board. They were after the files that deal with other corporations and our expanding plans. I quickly moved the files and replaced them with nonsense ones filled with viruses, plus a computerized tracking device.

 "There. I am going to put up several fire walls," I said. Several screens popped up. I took a flash drive from around my neck and plugged it in. I moved a copyof all the files on to it. "Its done. Keep track of all the fire walls if need be set traps. Do what you need to do."

With that I left the building.

Now to wait and see who the colprit is.


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