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"Achoo!" I quickly grabbed a tissue from my hoodies pocket. "Ugh." I groaned.

I should have not spent all night working and looking for new furniture for the servants quarters.

I placed my hand on my pounding head.

"At least schools over. I am going to have to tell the Hosts that I can't stay today and probably won't be here tomorrow,." I groaned. "I hate being sick."

I opend the doors to music room 3 to see the place decorated, as usual, for the days cosplay. What is didn't excpet to see is Tamaki in his corner and a girl claiming she was engaged to Kyoya. I froze and raised my eyebrow. Honey looked at me.

"Sa-Chan!" Honey said running over to me. Takashi looked at me as did the rest of the Hosts.

"Hi..." I said. Honey stopped and looked up at me.

"Are you alright Sa-chan?" Honey asked.

"Yes, just a bit under the weather. Think I am coming down with a cold. No need to worry," I said.

"Alright," Honey said looking at me worriedly. I sighed, looking around the room.

"Did I miss something?" I asked. Honey nodded.

"Yeah, a lady came in and started saying that we are all luke warm. Oh! She is also Kyo-chans betrothed!" Honey sang sweetly. I nodded.

I began swaying slightly. Just as I was falling someone caught me. I looked to see Takashis face. I gave him a close eyed smile at him.

"Thanks Takashi," I said looking at him. A slight blush formed crossed his face and nodded. Takashi picked me up bridal style and placed me a on the couch, Takashi sat next to me. That one girl started to go on how the hosts need a new image or their costumers will get bored of them.

"I for one think it a great idea!" Tamaki shouted.

"Alright! Each of you will have a new darker side!" She stood infront of Kyoya. "Your perfectly fine the way you are." She looked at me. "Who are you?"

"Sakura Nazo," I answered placeing my head on Takasi shoulder.

"Are you apart of the Host club?" She asked.

"Yeah I am, But I only hepl out. Like pass out snacks and tea to the costumers," I said. She nodded. Then looked between Takashi and I, then shrugged.


I don't know how she managed to do it, but a filming crew all the way from Hollywood was filming a movie of all the Hosts new personas. While the Hosts act I sit here and sneeze my but off. That girl was Renge, as told by Kyoya, but thats it I dazed off when he was talking about her family. How I got here? No clue, Takashi probably brought me done here.

He is such a sweet guy. Even though we only started dating a few days ago, though I guess I figured that out from the weeks I have known him. He also cares for Honey deepy, as do I now. Honey is like that little sibling I never had...Come to think of it the Hosts are like my family now. I even come to enjoy their crazy antics.


I looked up to see Kyoya smash a camera lense with something. I stood up and made my way to them.

"We cannot allow a Host be seen in any sort of voilence," Kyoya said. Renge started to cry. She went on about how he was suppose to be sweet to her.

I inwardly laughed, Kyoya sweet to a girl with out a purpose behind it will be that day. Takashi saw me walking and picked me up quickly.

"You shouldn't be walking Sakura," Takasi said.

"I..." I quickly covered my mouth from my coughing fit. Takashi reached in to my hoodie pocket and pulled out my phone. He pressed a couple of buttons before he put the phone to his ear.

"Hello, is this Lee?" Takashi asked. "This is Mori. I am fine. I need you to come to Ouran right away. Sakura is not feeling very well. Alright. Bye."

Takashi hung up the phone before pulling out his phone.

"Hello Mom. I am fine. Sakura is not feeling well, so I am going to stay at her house to make sure she is alright. Okay. I will. Bye, Love you too." Takashi hung up the phone and looked at me. "Looks like I am looking after you tonight."

Takasi smiled at me. I blushed, as my heart skipped a beat.

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